The 14 Words

Friday, 4 October 2013

HARDONS RADIO #2 Going out Friday @ 11:00pm October 4 2013

And so the Show must go on this week we continue on with our discussion about what the White Race has to contend with. Please feel free to call in or Skype in free (Cairo will explain how to do this on the show tonight).

A quick word about Hardon Radio.

I do not ask for 'donations' I fund this myself (Blog Talk Radio is not cheap), that should show you how committed I am. Yes, it sounds amateurish and it sounds raw, we have no studio gear just a web mic. But that doesn't matter, what matters is that we here in the UK now have a voice that can be heard world wide. Please use it.

John Hardon



  1. We have to contend with blogging our heads off, and simply getting increasingly frustrated and angry. We are our own worst enemy John. It's time for me at least, to take all this anger and frustration, and polarise it into a
    feasable, operational movement. Goodbye for now all.


  2. Great Stuff John, as you say the important thing in this critical period (when the mask is beginning slip from the genocidal Zionist monster that sits squatting atop our degenerate democracies, its teeth soaked in the blood of our children and its eyes glaring with hatred for everything that is good and pure in the world) is to get as much material out there as possible so that those who are begging to look for the answers can find it. Keep up the Good fight mate! 14/88