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Saturday, 2 November 2013

REPOST: Hardon Radio Podcast (edited)

Edited version, the live show was a disaster thanks to 'Blog Talk Radio' and Skype (both Jewish owned). 14/88


The future of 'Hardon Radio' please refer to the comments below for an update. J.H.

We will be back with a regular Podcast


  1. Sounded like the start of a real interesting discussion. Shame it went tits up. Here's hoping that you fair better next week. Will you be carrying on the same discussion?


  2. You have probably tried all this, but here are a few ideas.

    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the router with a cable instead of using wireless.

    2. Make sure you only have blogtalk and skype open on the computer, with nothing else running, or open, and with no-one else using the same router for anything.

    3. Dont have another page open to hear what the radio sounds like, the chatroom should let you know if there is a problem with the sound.

    4. Use a plug-in microphone and headphones, not an internal microphone and speakers.

    5. Check that neither of you is muted on skype, or in the blogtalk studio.

    6. Schedule some 15 minute test runs to get used to the controls in the studio before going live on air.

    Thanks for making the effort, it sounded like you had some good topics thought out to discuss. Im sure it will work out right eventually and look forward to when it does.


    1. Thanks for the tips Sven, I tried most the things that you suggest but I think that my broadcast was being monitored and censored, funny how the music tracks came through but what Cairo and I had to say was muted (GCHQ?). Also the Skype-in button was disabled, so nobody could call in.

      Somebody Skyped me a few days back and told me that I would not be allowed to broadcast the material that I was planning from the UK and it looks like he was right.

      I started this show off with:

      "Friday night is fun night, well not here on 'Hardons Radio'

      it's 'fry the kike night, knock the poo out of the Jew and lifting the lid on the yid'

      Looks like this sort of language will not be tolerated, of course I can't prove anything but I believe that we were censored (muted) as we could hear ourselves and see the wave form going out of 'Blog Talk' but no one could hear us.

      Anyway I have now cancelled my Blog Talk account but Cairo and I, are planning to do regular Podcasts and video's hosted by TruTube and Kiwi.

      We did have some great topics and it was our best show ever as far as content goes. The first Podcast we do will be will be a repeat of the content (that no one could hear) and we hope to get that completed soon.

      Thanks again Sven and everyone else that has supported us in this failed endevour, We lost the battle but we have no intention of losing the war.

      John Hardon


      Hail victory

  3. Racial love never run's smoothly. Keep going son, it's going to come good soon.

    Respect... IRONKRAFT.

  4. Icke is a twat!
    I believe he is a high degree freemason.
    The recipient of a Royal Arch Degree has to pledge himself--"For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular". See Duncan's "Masonic Ritual and Monitor" p.249 .
    The thing is that some people take all that mumbo jumbo seriously. However a Jew is absolved from all oaths due to the overriding Kohl Nidra oath.

  5. Trutube is turning into an excellent resource. No problems with getting censored there. I know they have a new audio section and Mike has mentioned that the site has the ability to have a live radio extension added to it. The continually increasing online presence of all things white is definately paying off.

    Thanks for letting us know whats happening John, they were some great opening lines.


  6. Pakistanis don't make kebabs. Never have, never will.

  7. When you are more nuts than David Ike and Alex Jones you really have a problem.

  8. Paki's do make Kebabs where I live and anyway they can all fuck off back to Pakistan, they are not wanted here by true Brits, they can fuck off to the shit hole they crawled out of.

    1. Do you ever eat Kebabs?

  9. John....... You are a very, very naughty Boy.

    In jest of course.