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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Guess what - ADL Declares Time-Travel to be anti-Semitic

New York--Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, today announced at a press conference held at Battery Park, New York, that any attempt at time-travel into the past would be a degenerate act perpetuated by vile anti-Semites.
"We at the ADL will not stand idly by and watch degenerate scientists with a personal agenda muck about in Time, thru their vile anti-Semitic attempts to re-visit past history," stated Mr. Foxman, standing on a stage with famed Holocaust survivor Elie Weasel.
The ADL head also said they were sending their formidable army of lobbyists to Washington, D.C. to swarm over the U.S. Congress with various forms of persuasion to get the Congress to cut off any and all funding into time travel research.
"The past is just that, the past, and it has been enshrined into history thru over 150 Holocaust memorials throughout the USA and countless more in Europe" said Foxman,
"We stand by that history, hallowed by time and consecrated by laws that makes any doubting of the official version of the Holocaust open to legal liabilities, including arrest, trials, heavy fines and imprisonment."
When asked by several reporters why he was fearful of scientists actually visiting the past, Foxman muttered something and left the podium. Mr. Weasel who was crying and sobbing uncontrollably, had to be carried off the stage.

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  1. How is one to get this out to the young?
    No flashing lights or mesmerizing laser imaging to make them take note. (London Olympic closing bash was impressive... but an update of a 'magic lantern show' for all that). No note what so ever as to the swiz it was as are many other eye catching msm productions!
    They came close to kicking things off again in Syria.

  2. Ho ho ho lol. So they want something banned, that can't even be achieved yet? priceless. Guess they don't want somethings finding out... I wonder what they could be "P