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Friday, 18 October 2013

Good News? College Students Know Nothing About the Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2013

A manic Jewess from Pennsylvania who is trying to make it illegal for public schools not to indoctrinate children about her race’s fantasy story, so as they don’t get sucked in by us evil deniers, recently went to a local college to harass students about this matter, and found that almost none of them knew the details of the lie.

This is somewhat of a shock. Most people that I meet have a serious emotional connection to this fake historical event. But… most of these people are not White. Also, this is a propaganda film, put together by a Jew who is trying to push her twisted agenda of showing piles of dead naked bodies to children to convince them they should never question the Jews and give them money forever.


  1. Stupid Juden bitch. Unashamedly evil cow. How can it be 'a little embarassing' if the Juden mass murders of her filthy tribe ignore those kids ancestors holocaust? The real one.


  2. I must confess I know much about the mass murder of tens of millions Russian Christians by jewish Bolsheviks but nothing about the Holocaust. But then again I don't watch Hollywood films or take much interest in the media. DIdn't Anne Frank write a diary with a biro and die of typhus in hospital. Was Mengele an Israeli jew who radiated and sterilized tens of thousands of Sephardi jews? Someone out there is telling fibs.

  3. Seeing as most kids in western societies today, are about as thick as boiled cheese. It's not suprising that they don't know. Afterall, they'd have to stop looking at their phones for a second to actually learn something.

    Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Fair enough. these kids don't care enough to be going looking up the subject for themselves.... Then again, it provides a great "blank slate", for bloated kike witches, such as the thing in this video. To go spreading some "awareness".

    when in reciept of such tragic "education". Perhaps it is a small blessing that these poor dumbed down children, remain ignorant.

    Also tried watching this ont Jewtube, for the comments. Funny that they were disabled lol.


  4. But 'Anonymous' are you seriously suggesting that these 'poor dumbed down children' are guilty of not knowing of an event which never happened in the first place? The jew invented the post-war 'holocaust myth' who amongst others are; Ehrenburg, Grossman, Karski and post 1970's Hollywood Slakhtal University Professors--Spielberg and co..