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Thursday, 24 October 2013

GLOBAL WARMING BULLSHIT: They really do think we're stupid

From the Daily Mail

Global warming costs the world a billion dollars a DAY - but DOUBLE that is needed to combat climate change, claims report.

The world invested [conned the global public out of] almost a billion dollars a day to [pretend to] limit global warming last year, according to a recent study.

These figures come from the latest Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) report which found that the overall spending was in fact $5 billion less than in 2012.

While this may seem like a huge amount, the total for the year ($359 billion) is only just half of the $700 billion per year that the World Economic Forum claims is need to address climate change. 
The International Energy Agency (IEA) claims that $5 trillion is required by 2020 for clean energy projects alone.

‘Climate related investments have fallen well short of even the most conservative needs estimates for successive years, making the requirement of “catch up” very real,’ said the report.

The report, Landscape 2013, added that money invested in clean energy was tiny in comparison to the money used in fossil fuels subsidies.

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