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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

George Osborne announces another round of brutal cuts

The freeze on public spending would be extended from eight years to 10 with more cuts to welfare, town halls and other public services.

The nation is on course for a decade of doom and gloom under the Tories after George Osborne vowed to bring in even more brutal cuts. The grinning axeman said he wanted to get Britain back in the black before the 2020 general election. But his plans mean a freeze on public spending will be extended from eight years to 10.

Welfare and benefits will bear the brunt and town halls and other public services will see budgets butchered.

The Tories are also set to step up their war on benefits cheats, by forcing them to spend at least 35 hours a week at the job centre.

Yesterday Chancellor Mr Osborne told the Tory ­conference a projected deficit of £42billion would be wiped out by 2020.

He claimed: 
“We will have a surplus in good times as insurance against difficult times ahead. Our goal is to achieve that surplus in the next Parliament.”
With the party’s new small business ambassador Karren Brady cheering alongside David Cameron, Mr Osborne said: 
“While no responsible Chancellor ever rules out tax changes, I think it can be done by reducing spending and capping welfare, not by raising taxes.”
But Carl Emmerson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, warned it meant a “decade of austerity”.

He said: 
“At what point do you decide to affect the quality of public services? Primarily, the Government has been cutting things that are wasteful or not of high value.
"This time the cuts will become deeper. The song lyric was wrong. It’s not the first cut that’s the deepest.”

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