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Friday, 11 October 2013

“Filthy French, You are Going to Bleed”: Muslim Attacks Father with His 9-Year-Old Son

Daily Stormer
October 11, 2013

A typical scene in France: Muslims show their gratitude to the people 
who allowed them to escape their war-torn hell holes and 
enter the once peaceful, developed nation.

France is in bad shape.

Here is a horrible tale, showing just how these invading hordes feel about the indigenous peoples of Europa.

Translated from La Viox Du Nord:
On August 20 at about 9 in the evening, Benkeltoum Karim, 37, a man with twelve criminal convictions, wandered the streets of Coudekerque-Branche drunk with a friend of his. This walk was not meant to assist digestion. Karim had a 30 centimeter knife up his sleeve.
Though there has been discussion of dirty dealings, the man who Karim victimized had no relationship to him, or his career criminality.
Fabrice was at the chip shop, “Annie’s,” with his 9-year-old son. He was rolling a cigarette rolled a cigarette, as Karim busted in. “I’ll kill you, Frenchman,” he said, brandishing his knife and holding it to Fabrice’s throat. The shop owner was a witness to the scene, who had already seen Karim walking up, looking for trouble.
The shop owner made a move to help Fabrice, showing a weapon, and Karim withdrew, throwing his knife in a trash can and shouting “filthy French, you are going to bleed.”
The police were then called.

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