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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

FFS: House of Lords welcomes Doreen Lawrence

The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence yesterday took her seat as a peer in the House of Lords.

Doreen Lawrence will sit as a Labour member of the Upper House using the title Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon. She swore allegiance to the Queen in a short ceremony flanked by her supporters – former Labour minister Lord [Paul] Boateng and Lib Dem Baroness [Floella] Benjamin.

Her elevation to the Lords comes after a 20-year fight for justice for her son, who was stabbed to death at the age of 18 in a racist attack in London.

David Cameron announced her peerage back in August when he revealed a list with 30 new members of the Lords.

And yesterday, Ed Miliband wrote on Twitter: 
‘Incredibly moving to see Doreen Lawrence introduced as a peer.
'A unique voice against injustice.’
Mrs Lawrence, who says her stomach turns ‘double somersaults’ when she thinks about her new role, now wants to use the position to work with communities at grassroots level to create change and opportunities.


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