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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

'Enricher' stole personal bank details for fraud gang who plotted to plunder £3million from accounts but were caught after swiping just £135,000'

Derek Annan
A bank cashier has denied being part of a plot to steal almost £3million from Royal Bank of Scotland customers' accounts.

Derek Annan, 24, is accused of passing customers' security details and passwords on to fraudsters who attempted to withdraw large sums of money from their accounts.

The gang had only managed to take £135,000 before they were caught, but attempts were made to withdraw a further £2.5million.

The Old Bailey heard that members of the gang would go into RBS branches and attempt to cash cheques stolen from their victims using fake identification.

If they were challenged with security questions by the cashier, they were able to answer the questions thanks to the information allegedly supplied by Annan, who worked part time at RBS branches in Chelmsford and Colchester, in Essex.

Prosecutor Nicola Merrick told the court that Annan provided the names of signatories on bank accounts, information about the signatures themselves, how much money was in the accounts as well as security details and passwords.

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