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Monday, 14 October 2013

Didn't think I'd live this long

Yeah it's true, it is now the 21st century. It's hard to accept that things have only got worse 9/11 kicked it off the biggest con since the Holocaust. But here we are still pissing against the wind.

You walk around your town and all you see is expressionless Zombified people walking around. Are they high on drugs or alcohol? No most of them are high on Facebook, the X Factor and Jeremy fucking Kyle. That's right dumbed down slaves to the Kosher system.

Where I live in what is termed as 'Social housing' in other words supposedly subsidised by the 'Government' (the puppets in power) They have flooded the place with mentally ill people, drug addicts, Alcoholics and criminals.

I don't mind the Alcoholics as I'm one myself but the 'looney's', the mentally ill people piss me off. As do the druggies. Yes I don't mind it too much because they are all White folks but just lately they are housing Niggers on my block. They keep to themselves at the moment apart from giving me 'Black looks' (pun intended) but the writing is on the wall, pretty soon the Niggers will flood the place. None of the fuckers work round here where I live, they are all on the 'Big money' DLA etc. They are all fucking nuts apart from a few of us old boy's who refuse to lie down and die. 

Yeah that's right I live in a one bedroom flat (apartment) with my pet Cat, she's my best fucking friend and I'm surrounded by idiots. apart from a couple of mates that live in my street. We found out that some people were calling us Fascists so now when we get together in the street we shout 'Heil Hitler', 'Sieg Heil' and raise our right arm in an NS salute to the Fuhrer. Do we give a fuck? No!

This is what it's all about, who gives a fuck what the sheeple think? The brainwashed Zombies that skalk around devoid of emotion and rational thought. Yes I did have my own house and my own business 20 years ago until my then wife traded me in for a younger model, then I lost everything and became an Alcoholic, so fucking what? Shit happens.

Why am I telling you all this? It's because I had a great chat with a fellow NS man on skype from Australia, Brett Light who has a great blog here. He also posts on the Daily Stormer run by Andrew Anglin who I am a great admirer of.

So what am I getting to in this post, well what I'm getting to is the fact that National Socialism is the only thing that can save not just our race but every race.

The video below is quite prophetic, although it was made in the 1960's it does explain in a way what is happening to our race.

John Hardon


  1. God bless you John, I believe that the struggles all Nationalists are having to make in the modern degenerate, Jew-run, filth-ridden West are, in many ways a test and those of us who persevere, who do not lose our identity, do not take the easy way out and conform to a society that, everyday, is looking more and more like Hell on Earth, we will be if not exactly rewarded per se, then at least gratified when we have left this mortal plane to know that we REMAINED TRUE TO OURSELVES. and you are doing more than most by researching and putting a lot of truth out there. Never give up my friend!
    P.S Fuck your ex-wife, although not all women are bad, one of the first lies the Jew imposes on a society he wishes to destroy is that 'men and women are equal' speaking as a young person,whilst many of the men around me are disgusting, spineless cowards and fake 'thugs' the women are even worse and have shown themselves up, now that all the previous taboos have been swept away and the State has handed them as much power as they will ever have, to be for the most part truly vile (just look at the number of slags race mixing with the Africans for instance and look at how almost all young women are PASSIONATE liberals) anyway it isn't all of them and the best amongst them are truly admirable as it is harder for them, in some ways, than us to stand up against this as they are perceived as 'traitours' (against feminism etc) and 'unwomanly'.

    1. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. 14/88