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Monday, 7 October 2013

Democracy and our flaws

I define democracy as the exaltation of quantity over quality and, because of this, any modern, nationalist-orientated political endeavour will encounter two insurmountable hurdles:
1) That people are not intrinsically equal and those who are ‘less equal’ are in the majority;
2) That our enemies control the political system completely and they are not about to relinquish their authority.
And so it should come as no surprise that the leading figures of Golden Dawn in Greece were arrested. Anyone who is fully cognisant of our global plight should have predicted this turn of events.

The demolition of National Socialism in Germany was as symbolic as it was a tangible demonisation of racial nationalism. From that moment on, our enemies. i.e., any organisation and government that ideologically opposes the principles of nationalism, have been consolidating their international power in order to prevent the reoccurrence of a European rival. Any group that now opposes the ‘New World Order’ can be effective shut up with few, if any, wide ranging ramifications.

In Britain, a nationalist pouring was quelled in 1979 when the odious Margret Thatcher haughtily undermined support for the National Front by mimicking popular sentiment in relation to mass immigration. In France, the Le Penn dynasty has been spewing out race-mixing electoral propaganda for decades, ensuring that French nationalism contains no natio ingredient but is instead replete with barren verbiage pertaining to ‘the veil’ and terrorists, or – in other words – those non-Whites who will not integrate into French multi-racial society. In Greece, our enemies have simply imprisoned those it perceives as an immediate threat, as it did in 1941 when Rudolph Hess flew to Britain on a peace mission. For the establishment, silence is a most effective weapon.

Our enemies have ensured that a democratic uprising, akin to that which transpired in some European nations in the nineteen twenties and thirties, will never happen again. The synthesis of mass non-White immigration, block-voting special interest groups, and egalitarian (anti-White) propaganda throughout every conceivable public institution, has effectively stolen democracy away from the indigenous tribes of Europe.

Echoing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional sleuth who observed that, “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be truth,”

What we grudgingly tolerate today is a form of Communist regime that provides us with a little more carrot (credit, junk, distractions) and far less stick (forced labour camps, torture, murder) than was sanctioned in Eastern Europe in recent times. This is not a future Orwellian nightmare, it is contemporary reality; we are funding and providing tacit support to a system that actively promotes and legislates for our genetic extermination through ethnic replacement and miscegenation. The camps will emerge later…

Those within the movement who promote any large scale political resolution to our significant problems are either thoroughly deluded or they are swindlers. There are, however, some exceptions and perhaps Golden Dawn is one such an altruistic expression of social dedication. I am certain that the hierarchy of Golden Dawn must have known their venture into mainstream politics would have ended in jail time, but it is quite reasonable to assume that they did so in full view of the facts and in an attempt to provide martyrs and rouse a nation currently on its knees. From our enemies point of view, all the Greek populus require is more credit, junk and distraction and they will refrain from their present boisterous behaviour. But we shall see, no doubt, who has judged this situation correctly.

Any notion of ‘national salvation’ is also equally as flawed. There is no nation to salvage. The atomised individuals who absorb their daily dose of poison and make regular tribute to their barbaric masters have lost the right to be saved. They are unable to heed our call and so they will inevitably suffer. This is not of our making or choosing, but it is unavoidable.

When a building is in such a state of disrepair then no remedial work or careful restoration will forestall its impending collapse. Britain, and many other European countries, are now rotten structures constructed on friable foundations. Rescuing the remains will merely bequeath us a pile of worthless rubble. Certainly, the genetic inheritance of our folk – their DNA – is our most valuable asset, but if they cannot content with their genocide then a substantial amount will be lost. This is grievous and lamentable but it will undoubtably strengthen our sept hereafter.

In the immortal closing words of Richard Cotten, “Freedom is not free; Free men are not equal, and Equal men are not free.”

It is about time we acknowledged that freedom is won; it is captured and is not granted to men by a higher power or through wishful thinking. That even if we do rip our liberty from the rapacious claws of our enemies, we are still congenitally unequal, even among our own kind. That the unavoidable consequence of the equalisation of humanity is slavery, not freedom.

We must remain unequal but equally determined to secure the freedom and survival of our progeny no matter the cost, even to the impairment our own deep-rooted morality.

Long Live the New Tribe.

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