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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Damning dossier reveals taxpayers' bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors

Islamic extremist Abu Qatada won £2,000 when the court 
ruled he was unlawfully detained. He is one of just 202 
cases that have received money from Strasbourg

Britain has lost a staggering 202 European human rights cases involving murderers, terrorists, paedophiles and rapists, it emerged yesterday.

Judges in Strasbourg handed the criminals taxpayer-funded payouts of £4.4million – an average of £22,000 a head.

Recipients since 1998 include the traitor George Blake, extremist cleric Abu Qatada and the IRA killer dubbed Mrs Doubtfire.

The House of Commons figures fuelled fresh demands for Britain to pull out of the convention on which the European Court of Human Rights bases its rulings.

Because they are political appointees many of the court’s judges are not even legal experts.

Soviet spy Blake, who was jailed for 42 years, one for each of the MI6 agents he sent to their deaths, was awarded £4,700 in 2006 because Britain stopped him profiting from the memoirs he wrote when he fled to Russia. The court ruled that this breached the double agent’s ‘right to free expression’.

Qatada, who was finally deported this year and was regarded as Al Qaeda’s ambassador in Europe, pocketed £2,000 because the court ruled he was unlawfully detained.

Kirk Dickson kicked to death a man who refused to give him cigarettes. But he won £18,000 from the court, which said he had been denied the right to father a child by artificial insemination.

Rupert Massey was jailed for six years for the abuse of three boys over a 14-year period. But he won £5,496 because he was ‘stressed’ after he waited four years for his case to reach court.

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