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Monday, 21 October 2013

Coral Millerchip pleads guilty in court

Written by Kasredin

Coral Millerchip has pleaded guilty to assault and causing actual bodily harm at Warwick Crown Court. She has spent several weeks in custody, and will remain in custody until she is sentenced.

The Daily Mail reports that her lawyer ‘took issue’ with the prosecution’s case in relation to part of the incident which had not been recorded, observing that the accounts of three witnesses differed in relation to that. This appears to be tabloid-speak for 

“she was groped, but let’s not admit it”.

The video footage of the attack clearly shows two men and a young woman standing by as the altercation ensues, and they appear to side with Coral. The Daily Mail shows a photo of the girl and identifies her as Coral. Coral was wearing a sleeveless top, but we can’t expect miraculous observational skills from the tabloid brigade.

I do not know what testimony these three people offered, but it is obvious that the prosecution have shown no interest in the fact that she was reacting to having been molested.

It is also reported that the immigrant who groped her – a Mr Singh – suffers from dementia, and so maybe he can’t remember groping her.

The Daily Express is reporting that Britain’s prisons are close to breaking point, and yet space can still be found to lock up a British victim of immigrant crime. If you are mugged by the mugger who should have been locked up instead of Coral Millerchip, then blame the government.

Given that Coral was reacting to an indecent assault, then surely a caution should have sufficed, with a caution for Mr Singh as well. But then we can’t expect fairness where immigrants are involved.

Readers of this site (The British Resistance) will probably know that I have tried to drum up support for Coral within the nationalist community. I hereby admit defeat. Let’s hope Coral is warm in her prison cell.

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