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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Clashes between Roma, Syrian Refugees Expected in Bulgaria

And don't forget there will be thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian (probably Syrians too) heading here to the UK after next January.

Clashes between Roma citizens and Syrian refugees are likely in Bulgaria as the Roma regard the Syrians as a potential threat, according to experts.
“Misunderstandings between refugees and Roma are on the way,” Ivan Boyadzhiev, a Bulgarian expert on anti terrorism and national security, claims.
He explained that the influx of poor Syrian refugees triggers tensions among the Roma as they are seen as competitors for aids and may provoke collisions in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.
“I expect the first clashes in Sofia to occur between Romas and Syrian refugees as the Roma feel threatened when faced with an increasing number of hungry people, who have no clothes, have nothing… But some of these people have a lot of money. How did they cross the border carrying over so much money? How did they manage to sell everything in Syria – it is all ruins there” added the expert.
Boyadzhiev announced that Bulgarians giving their houses for rent to such people will face troubles as they will not be able to pay their bills soon. The expert added that it is highly possible some of the Syrians to have criminal intentions.

Bulgaria is the gateway to the European Union for refugees fleeing Syria via Turkey, many crossing the border illegally to seek asylum.

The country currently has the capacity to accommodate 5 000 refugees – a number that was exceeded last week.

Bulgarian officials have said the country may have to provide shelter for as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

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  1. This type of strife and racial tribalism, has reared it's ugly head already in Britain. I was on business a few years ago, and decided to stay in a rural area, rather than the cess pit urban holes nearby. On one weekend alone, there was one murder, two beatings, and sexual assaults by the dozen... On a local farm for heaven's sake. Two sets of foreign fruit pickers, from warring factions back home, went for it big time. And we are supposed to like it, this 'enrichment'.