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Friday, 18 October 2013

Britain Today

Written by tesla1966

I’m certain that many people in the United kingdom feel extremely angry and resentful at the betrayal shown by successive governments, past and present, towards its own people. It seems they have set out to deliberately destroy our once great nation by post war mass immigration, and this on-going genocidal act of colonisation has removed social cohesion and unity, replacing it instead with poverty and division. 

Nobody, I’m convinced, could foretell that on the historical date of June 22nd 1948 when the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks that the future of our country would be changed forever, beyond all recognition in the years to follow, and that large areas of our country would then descend into the multicultural ghettos that many of our major towns and cities now resemble today; further more, that we would become second class citizens in our own lands, except for one man, Enoch Powell.

Enoch Powell, the then conservative member of parliament (1950–74) had the vision and the foresight to see what the future would hold and had the courage to speak out and warn us in advance with his famous 'rivers of blood' speech on 20th April 1968; in response he was dismissed from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary in the cabinet of Edward Heath. This is a quote from that talk he gave at the Midland Hotel (later known as The Burlington Hotel) on New Street in Birmingham that day, which is as applicable now as it was back then.
"We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre"
Mad indeed, and who can argue with those words made back in 1968 by one of the greatest politicians this country has ever had. Our once great country, particularly in urban areas has descended into crime ridden third world squalor, poverty and corruption, not to mention the gangland violence, rape and of course 'ethnic division' bestowed upon us by the ruling elite. Our forefathers, who fought and died in numerous world wars for their country, would be turning in their graves at the sight of Britain circa 2013. Those same brave men and women who put their lives on the line for Queen and country would no doubt be horrified at the travesty and injustice served upon them by the traitors in parliament today, if they were alive to see it.

What we now find is that the native British, particularly the white working classes, are having to compete for housing and jobs and who quite understandably feel ostracised from mainstream society. Social housing is allocated it appears, first and foremost to the newly arrived immigrants that have turned up on our shores, while the indigenous people are left to stagnate on long housing lists with no hope of securing affordable accommodation in the mean time. The irony here is that those who are already housed can't wait to move out from their 'culturally enriched' areas. Incidentally, people often described the satellite towns around our capital as 'London overspill' and I now feel that the term has some relevance to an early version of white flight, I’m sure a quick chat to any displaced Londoner would confirm this but the Daily mail on the other hand would have us believe it is more to do with affluence and success, when in reality the complete opposite is true. Many people sadly feel the need leave their homes and move out of the culturally enriched areas, especially London where they are now minority, as they could no longer relate or identify with the area they were brought up in so they have upped sticks and left. I doubt very much it was by choice.

Enoch Powell quoted a letter that he had received from an elderly woman in Wolverhampton street, Northumberland, which summed it up well. The woman was the only white resident and had lost her husband and her two sons in World War II. She had rented out the rooms in her house but once immigrants had moved into the street she was living in, her white lodgers left. 

The letter went on to say that two black men had knocked on her door at 7am to use her telephone but she refused, as she would have done to any other stranger knocking at her door at such an hour, and was subsequently verbally abused. She had asked her local authority for a rates reduction, but was told by a council officer to 'let out' the rooms of her house. When the woman said the only likely tenants would be black, the council officer replied: "Racial prejudice won't get you anywhere in this country". I often wonder what happened to that poor lady and how she felt about the hostile treatment she received back in 1968; the same anti white, pro multicultural attitudes people have to endure today, if they dare to speak out.

Integration + Race Mixing = White Genocide

Our politicians these days are not content with helping our own people gain employment or offering them training for particular skills needed, or to attain meaningful careers, instead they continue to allow the flood gates to be opened to thousands of foreigners to increase an already competitive jobs market. The NHS and all public sector employers are prime examples of organisations who will favour immigrants over the natives, regardless of merit, if only to fill immigrant job quotas - the other beneficiary’s being private corporations and business', who now have an endless supply of cheap labour to work for the minimum wage. Those lucky enough to secure employment now have to suffer pay freezes, zero hour contracts, and the depression of wages.

A newspaper article, not so long ago, gave us a small insight into how people are struggling to survive. A young couple with no children who were both in full time work were having to rely on the charity 'food bank' to make ends meet and I’m sure there are many similar cases to this example. Many people, because of the minimum wage, are better off receiving benefits, and I’m sure many take this route because it is economically a more viable option, and who can blame them. The cries of the 'Brits are lazy' is common place, usually made by the more affluent members of society, the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and these same people are lucky enough to have received a good education, and enjoy the benefits of higher paid jobs, but hasn't that always been the case?

Our education system is not fit for purpose - over sized classrooms and teachers who now have to accommodate numerous different languages in the classroom is hardly the best environment to gain an education. But isn’t that their modus operandi in maintaining the status quo of a ready supply of dumbed down proletariat who, for the most part, have to work hard all their lives just to make ends meet, with no chance of ever increasing their social standing? Many people I know are struggling just to keep a roof over their heads, let alone feed and clothe themselves - not forgetting the ever increasing utility bills.

The deafening ignorance of the liberal left and all political parties towards the plight of their fellow countrymen and women is sickening to say the least, but to be expected. These anti-white, pompous, egocentric perverts with their lust for subversion of society through the promotion of homosexuality and the other distorted views they have on sexuality means you can only conclude that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum in this country. These same perverts who despise the majority in this country, the white working class, with their multiracial, multicultural agenda and constant bleating on that immigration is a benefit to us all are the same people who enjoy all the benefits of cheaper nannys and cheaper plumbers, whilst earning their six figure salaries in their cushy jobs.

Try explaining that immigration is a good thing to the numerous victims of Asian paedophile gangs, immigrant crimes and murders against the indigenous British. Explain to them why they must now compete not only for jobs that pay a pittance, but for affordable housing too. These are the same people whose forefathers fought and died for this country so that future generations could enjoy a better standard of living. The stench of hypocrisy from the filth that preach from their ivory towers situated in affluent white suburbs is overbearingly nauseating, and still, unbelievably, the sheeple trot out every polling day and continue to vote for these parasitic, bottom feeding scum, why? 'because I've always voted labour', you hear them cry, or because 'my parents voted for them'. It's like someone repeating the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result, for goodness sake, only a mad man would do this!

Rant over, thank you for reading, and have a great weekend.


  1. The tell tale signs of a nation's demise, is in the intellectual capacity of it's political class. Powell was a professor of greek philosophy at 25. Heath was a pervert and traitor... Job done.


  2. Enoch Powell was an opportunistic 'johnny-come-lately'. The non white immigration nightmare began with the British Nationality Act 1948. Powell was an MP, post Windrush, in the Tory opposition in the Commons in 1950; this is when he should have opened his mouth and warned the white British of the consequences of mass non-white immigration, rather than thinking of his long term political career. If he had done this back then he would have been taken far more seriously by the political establishment when he made his 'rivers of blood' speech in 1968. Even then he failed to name the jewish MPs' who had been promoting the non white invasion and homosexuality. Enoch Powell failed to recognize completely, the long term dangers to our white Christian identity posed by Asiatic: Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim infiltrators. Ted Heath was a pervert and a traitor but he was a far more astute politician than Enoch Powell ever was.