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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Behaving as their DNA instructs them to

West Midlands Police are aware of an incident in the city centre involving a street performer and a member of the public. The offender, a man, believed to be in his late teens/early 20's, pushed a street performer off his plinth towards a child on New Street near the Bullring shopping centre.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson, said: 

"We are trying to identify the street performer and the little girl and her parents as neither have made contact with the police. Bullring security are aware of the incident as are are the local neighbourhood policing team in case they come across the street performer or the offender."
Please call WMP on 101 if you have ANY information [not that they will do anything as the offender is Black]


  1. If it's that bad with just one chimp, imagine it at the ANNUAL LEAF MUNCHER'S BALL. Yes, the well-known Knotting Hill Ape-Fest.

    Kossack Assosiation Of Europe.

  2. I am amazed how you manage to find this stuff. You won't see it on TV, ever!
    That is why I am a daily visitor to your site

  3. That could have put that bloke in a wheelchair , broken neck , seen it before , just from being pushed like that