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Sunday, 6 October 2013

At the heart of the gun control debate beats an uncomfortable truth: Race

At the heart of the gun control debate beats an uncomfortable truth: homicides and non fatal shootings are almost exclusively clustered in black neighborhoods, with the fear (and legitimate threat) of being a victim of such 'random' violence the primary reason for white flight and subsequent democratic takeover of cities by black elected officials.

Were gun controls advocates serious about stopping gun crime, making it illegal for black people to own guns (and coming down harshly on those who illegally possess guns in the black community) would instantly remove the primary reason for white flight from a city such as Gary, Indiana.

Such a sane policy would save thousands upon thousands of black lives each year (gunned down by other blacks), and - more importantly - allow for actual wealth to be created with white people able to put down roots in a community, instead of abandoning neighborhoods every generation when the scenario mentioned in the first paragraph inevitably occurs.

Instead, our government actively passes laws to take guns away from the law-abiding, fails to aggressively target black communities in cities like Chicago, Newark, and Baltimore where illegal guns flourish, and does every thing imaginable to destroy white communities and neighborhoods (untold wealth has been lost since the declaring of restrictive covenants unconstitutional).

And what are we left with, with these policies? [Sheriff, Gary mayor call for the wrecking ball against crime,, 9-17-13]:

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