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Monday, 21 October 2013

ABOUT JUF, We fund a vital network of agencies that act upon core Jewish values.

  1. Caring for [Jewish] people in need here at home, in Israel and around the world.
  2. Nurturing and sustaining the Jewish community today and for future generations
The Jewish United Fund (JUF) Annual Campaign is focused on helping people in need, rescuing people in danger, and keeping Jewish life strong. See our core values at work:

See our core values at work

Jews look after their own, the Goy have to look after everyone

Could you imagine the uproar and accusations of 'racist' and 'Nazi' if a main stream European or American newspaper carried a headline like the one above? Of course this will never happen as all our press is owened or run by Jews


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  1. At least you guys are spreading the truth here. The more who pop in, like the silly white female last month who had a pop at my comment, will see these two faced rats for what they are.