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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

17-Year-Old Danish Girl is Culturally Enriched Twice in One Train Ride as She is Robbed and then Masturbated On

Daily Stormer

Witness as a teenage girl is first robbed, then groped and masturbated on by two separate immigrants in one train ride. Think of how exciting this must have been for her! How lucky we are to have these beautiful foreigners in our society, enriching us!

PI-News gives more details on the sickening scene:
A 17-year-old girl was on her way home from a night out, boarding the train at Nørreport. With her side, she fell asleep, having had a bit too much to drink. A man sat down on the seat behind her and began to go through her bag – it took him seven minutes to steal her laptop. The girl didn’t notice.
About five minutes later, another man of ‘foreign appearance’ came and sat down on the seat beside her. The man began grabbing her crotch and breasts. Shortly thereafter, he began to masturbate while kissing her. The girl drunkenly tried to push the man away several times. But the man persisted. According to the girl, while grabbing her he repeated said “sex please, please sex.”
The 17-year-old finally had enough and successfully kicked the man off of her, and safely exited the train.
Police have no words
“These crimes are very serious. Exploiting the vulnerability of a 17-year-old girl in this way, even if she is drunk and passed out, that’s just … Yeah, I can find almost no words for it,” says Michael Kjærsgaard, of Midt-og Vestsjællands Politi [police for Central and West Zealand].
Two months later, the crimes remain unsolved. How interesting that they block out the criminals’ faces in the video, while also asking the public to identify them. One would almost think they aren’t really trying to solve this crime at all.

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  1. Time for our own 'crime prevention unit'. If we are seen to be doing nothing, it will continue.

    Keeper Of The Innocent.