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Monday, 16 September 2013

Yet another FALSE FLAG and yet another DEAD PATSY

The Puppet (Nobel Peace(?) Prize Winner) Obama reading from the Zionist script:

Obama's script writers: 

"Hmm lets pin it on Assad and bomb the fuck out of Syria, then Iran"

The official story (below) reproduced around the world but wait? as the next few day's go by they will find 'new evidence' to implicate their enemies.

While the motive of Aaron Alexis, the heavily armed gunman who shot dead at least 12 people in cold blood this morning at the Washington Navy Yard has not been revealed, speculation is growing his dismissal from the U.S. Navy for 'misconduct' in January 2011 may have inspired him to commit a deadly revenge.
Alexis, 34, has been revealed to have a prior arrest for letting a gun off that could have harmed his neighbor while he cleaned his own weapon at home in Fort Worth, Texas, 2010.

Despite the lack of acknowledged motive, one U.S. official has been quoted as saying Alexis was kicked out of the Navy in 2011 for 'misconduct' as a direct result of his gun arrest three years ago.

Alexis, who worked as a civilian I.T. contractor at the military base in the nation's capital, entered the cafeteria of Building 197 just before 8.30 a.m. brandishing an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, shotgun and handgun and began shooting.

After SWAT teams swarmed the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command the FBI said that Alexis was shot dead by officers.

During his rampage witnesses said he appeared to fire at selected targets and not randomly.

Washington D.C.'s FBI field office also reportedly said that they have 'all assets out' as they search for one other possible shooter they described as a black man in his 40s or his 50s.

Law enforcement said that Alexis' identity was confirmed by fingerprints and that he served in the U.S. Navy between May 5th, 2007 and January 31st, 2011, the date he was dismissed from the service.

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