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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Why don't these 'chosen' bastards take the hint?

HERE is a most interesting and comprehensive list detailing Jewish expulsions, massacres and pogroms throughout world history, or at least in what is known as the Common Era. We know by their own dubious testimony that they have been 'persecuted' and basically kicked out of many other countries in antiquity also. As we can see here, this is especially so in (former) White countries. Here we see example after example of nations getting fed up of the perfidious nature and chicanery of these self-appointed 'chosen' minions of Yahweh.

However, as I take a cursory scroll through this catalog, I cannot help but have this deep feeling of anger and frustration about a few things. Firstly, of course, the fact that our forefathers ever allowed these *bastards* not only into our midst, but permitted them to infect the minds of our people with their poisonous desert dogma, Christianity.

Secondly, that no matter how much *Justice* (and in most, if not all cases, it was most definitely Justice) was directed against these *scum* - no matter how many times they were slaughtered, dispossessed, beaten and humiliated - they always seem to bounce back and prosper (through duplicitous means, as usual).

Thirdly, no matter what ‘outrage’ (again, Justice) was committed against these most 'blessed' darlings - this *scourge* of the world - they *never* seem to get the friggin’ hint. That message is simple and it is plain: *YOU. ARE. NOT. WELCOME!* How many times did we (or do we) have to make this abundantly clear to these parasites?

“Jews blamed for spreading plague are burned alive in a pit” 
- Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493

Honestly now. Can you imagine you and your family being treated this way in a land not of your own? Beaten, spat upon, publicly humiliated and generally made to feel like an undesirable maggot. There is no way you would be hanging around too much longer if, for example, the owner of a house, or the populace of a town, made you feel this unwelcome.

Fourthly, why the *hell* haven’t we had the dogged determination and resolute fanaticism to ensure that these bastards are kept as *FAR AWAY* from us as humanly possible, and keep them out? Why the hell did our ancestors ever tolerate this tribe of congenital miscreants? Why the hell didn't we write into our laws and constitutions - in blood, preferably, to emphasis our resolve - that the 'chosen' should be strictly prohibited from entering our lands, *for all eternity.* And any traitor amongst our own that even attempts to undermine this rule should possibly face the death penalty. (Yes, I am that serious.)

Well, dear friend, it all goes back to the same old brain pollution – that poisonous mental fungus for the White man, Christianity – that we have allowed these vermin to foist upon our minds. We simply did not have the mental safeguards, be it through our pagan religions or philosophies, to cope with such a poisonous brew.

However, we must be of good cheer. Now that we have the religion of Creativity and other White Loyalist ideologies, I think it safe to say that *NOW WE HAVE IT!* Now we have the mental safeguards in place and the Final Solution to this dastardly plague in our midst.

Dear fellow White Racial Loyalist, once we have straightened out the thinking of our people and take hold of the reigns of power - which we must do - this cancerous blight that we describe here will be finished once and for all. In the meantime, we must fanatically spread the holy message of White Racial Loyalty and relentlessly expose these treacherous aliens in our midst, and their despicable lackeys. Delenda est Judaica.

All things are ready, if our minds be so.

Perish the man whose mind is backward now.

James Mac.

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  1. Jews want to rule. Then let them live somewhere as rulers over Negroes, or Negro/White hybrids, as they seem to prefer. Preferably on an island where they can be kept in quarantine. Their media poison must be quarantined as well, so all internet links and media/film exports would have to be banned.

    Let the remaining Whites live in exclusively White countries, in a League of Caucasian Nations, with a Caucasian Constitution. None Whites sympathetic with this could live amongst us on the absolute rule of a 1 child policy if they are not White or only partially White. I think that is both humane and ensures their genes will eventually disappear over several generations. All positions of power and media would not be available to them, and there numbers limited to a small % of the population.

    Apart from such concepts as Freedom of Speech (itself an anathema to Jews and Communists), the First Caucasian Law should be as you say, the eternal exclusion of Jews, even as far as Consuls and Embassies. They can speak by videophone if they have anything to say to us other than begging for money or our blood to fight their wars.

    All perhaps just wishful thinking now as we approach Ragnarok. But there is change in the air.