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Sunday, 8 September 2013

US Funded Syrian Rebels Gang Raped and Executed 15-Year Old Christian Girl

Despite the monopolized corporate media pretending it didn’t happen, the US government’s terrorist allies it funds in Syria have been caught raping and killing a 15 yr old girl.

Once again, the corporate media is working for the state and is pretending certain things didn’t happen. They are making it all too evident who they work for by ignoring stories that would get them a lot of views and business such as this one.

The ‘Syrian Rebels’, are murdering, raping terrorists and have been given much support and many deadly weaponry by the US government. And now they’ve now been caught gang raping and executing a 15-year old girl, possibly because she was Christian.

In the past, they have done such things as gas bunnies to death on camera, and swear to Allah that they will murder every single person they can, but this really crosses a boundary.

If you think the US government, or ‘Syrian Rebels’ who are actually mercenaries because many of them aren’t even from Syria, are good guys, you must either ignore facts, or have a sociopathic disorder.

Members of Jabhat al-Nusra (allegedly Syrian Al Qaeda) and the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ took part in the cold-blooded rape and murder.

For two weeks, the psycho militants went through processes of individually, forcefully marrying the 15-year old girl, each one of them, in order to rape the girl, renounce the marriage, and pass her on to another militant. After they, all married and abused her, they murdered her.

To make the act even more threatening and sick, they threw her lifeless corpse in front of her old house, presumably her parent’s house.

These psychopaths met face to face with John McCain, a supporter of them, and the Obama Administration of course openly funds them.

Please share this with as many people as possible, so we can expose the crimes of the US government like never before, with the horrifying bombshell stories like this that just keep on coming, because the government’s crimes just keep continuing to happen.

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