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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Two Nairobi Hoax Fraudsters Busted – Elaine Dang and Huma Abedi

Two Nairobi Hoax Fraudsters Busted – Elaine Dang and Huma Abedin

Thanks to one of our posters, this new, powerful revelation. The woman in pink with the headscarf has been identified. She is none other than Huma Abedin, Zionist mole of Arabian descent, Clinton cohort and New World Order agent, posing as a Muslim and good Samaritan on behalf of her Oriental cohort, Elaine Dang. Both a crisis actors in this scene, which is undeniable. Both are working on behalf of the Mossad but also the Obama White House. Neither, particularly Ms. Dang, were injured. Both are being handled or accompanied by another crisis actor, the man toting the gun. Therefore, the entire claim of deaths and serious injuries, particularly the claim of 62 deaths and 175 injuries, is now held under the utmost suspicion.

It has already been revealed that this faker, Elaine Dang, a resident of San Diego, California, is a crisis actor representing fabricated images in the clear and categorical hoax known as the Nairobi mall massacre. Yet, clearly, her associate, the women in pink Muslim-like garb, is also suspect, since she is clearly associated with her in the various photos. Dang currently lives in Nairobi, where she is a restaurant manager.

This is the ‘iconic’ picture seen previously with the known and documented Kenyan entity crisis actor, the man in the black shirt with the handgun.

Her father claims Dang was struck by the incredible: a grenade, suffering “shrapnel wounds.” Really? What is she doing walking around, then, and why isn’t she bleeding profusely or at least dripping blood, since she is in an upright position and is walking about with full use of her faculties, not just mentally but also physically: full use of the hands, arms, and legs. She is holding her cell phone, after all. No doubt about it she is a faker.

Yet, according to the Zionist-controlled press, quoting her father, Steven Dang:

Having seen her photographed as one of dozens of stunned and shocked survivors outside the mall following the shooting, Dang’s father spoke to media outside his home to update them on his daughter’s progress.

Steven Dang told 10News he believes his daughter Elaine Dang suffered injuries to her chest, arm and leg.

‘The chest … something metal came in her chest and then the arm and the leg,’ he said.
For the whole world this claim by Dang is hard proof, extreme and categorical proof, of the hoax. Really, now, metal from a grenade or an RPG or whatever coming ripping into her chest? If so, she surely wouldn’t be wondering around for camera-shoots.

Really, now, Mr. Dang? Isn’t it possible to provide better coverage for your daughter than that, but then how is it possible to cover for filthy, murderous lies? The woman has no wound of any kind to her chest or to her arms or legs or anywhere else, including the face.

Shrapnel wounds are exceedingly serious and routinely deadly. These wounds often involve the laceration of major arterial systems. This is what happens when a person is struck with multiple shrapnel wounds, in this case courtesy of the wretched, murderous Zionist militants, the ones who at the behest of American and European powers have systematically invaded the Middle East. Merely one incident of their treachery is shown here, shrapnel wounds suffered during a rain of murderous Israeli bombs by a woman, a mother,in southern Lebanon:

Unlike the filthy liar Dang this woman is dying from multiple shrapnel wounds, as her young son, the man in pink, grieves desperately over her. As she is dying she is comforting him. This is the real nature of Islam, that grand system of deep faith in almighty God, which is so thoroughly attacked and condemned by the Zionists. Note: even her child is splattered with bright red arterial blood as a result of the inevitable arterial spurting. See any such blood splatter on Dang’s handlers?

Moreover, the source of the shrapnel induced murder of this God-fearing woman, this mother of the direly grieving son, is none other than the United States through its proxy agent, the Israeli entity, the source of great corruption in the land. No, this mother is brave and profound in the depth of her faith, a real hero, unlike our faker Elaine “the Fabricator” Dang.

It is not the first time that the “Dirty Harry” or “Big Gun” mole [man on first picture] was seen acting out the fake massacre. With his ever-present six-shooter, he is also seen here with another paid fabricator:

It is the same hoaxer, no questions asked, no doubt about it: absolutely the same fake anti-terror agent. Still not sure? Same red and white logo with green writing, same jeans, same shirt, same gun, same man: appearing numerous times as a recycled hoaxer in support of this exceedingly inane Mossad false flag event. This photo alone, that is demonstrating the recycling of individuals, guns drawn and also those faking their wounds, being found in multiple scenes before a multiplicity of camera-people: this alone confirms the that the Nairobi mall shooting is a phony.

Here is this arch-fraudster again, this time, though still holding her cell phone in her right hand (she needs to in case Hillary Clinton or some other Zionist mole calls her to give her further instructions), she is fiddling with the fake blood on her other hand for purposes of the camera shoot.

Read more:

One more time, still in the act, ‘shrapnel wounds’ and all, hot metal in her body, flesh blown to bits – and she’s still wrapped around that cell phone.

She is an extremist fraudster, as is proven, here. This is a picture of her being attended to for her purported shrapnel wounds. 100% fake. Where are those wounds? It’s just moulage fakery, as the man in the white gloves proves by simply washing off the fake, dried water-soluble paint, revealing nothing other than a clean, unmarred normal face. Clean on the surface but wretched beyond belief inside.

Everyone in the world knows that this is a fake, especially when seeing this: a woman smiling while suffering multiple shrapnel wounds, which means hot metal tearing through the body: among the most painful kinds of injuries known. Clearly, Dang, a paid Zionist mole, was put in place as part of the set-up, fully coordinated by NWO agents, likely Bill and Hillary Clinton themselves among other fraudsters, hucksters, Mossad moles and more. She is an agent faking her injury and is now absolutely busted, no doubt about it.

Need more proof? How about this image? Everybody is pretty happy considering this woman was struck by hot metal from a grenade or a rocket. Same as Boston fake and Sandy hoax plus far more.

Lightened up, another look. In fact, light and lively they all are. Dang was placed in this scam well in advance by her Zionist handlers, including likely the Clinton cabal itself, to perpetrate her role in this scam. This is hard proof that the claim for an actual terrorist attack on the mall by crazed Muslims seeking revenge is merely, once again, another Zionist hoax. It is a cover-up for the monstrous crimes committed by Israeli Jewry and, in fact, international Jewry: murder, rapine, destruction, decimation, mutilation, maiming, displacement, economic corruption, organ theft, and far more.

All these people are fakes and phonies and are in on the scam. Let anyone prove otherwise.

The Clinton cabal, NWO, world Zionism and more: all busted absolutely

Yet, what about her handler, the lady in pink? There was always something suspicious about her, just not right. She is none other than Clinton and Obama chief agent, Huma Abedin.

Make no mistake about it this is her. No wiggle room.

It makes sense. Why would an actual devout Muslim be associated with this Zionist mole who was recruited and paid to help create the continued ruse of global Islamic terror? Abedin is faking it as a ‘devout’ Muslim woman by wearing this specific garb.

Without the garb, same person acting as a top aide for the arch-murderous, arch-Muslim killer, Hillary Clinton. Moreover, why not involve her top aide in the scam? Clinton herself is continuously meddling in the affairs of Islamic people, all on the behalf of her Zionist handlers.

Therefore, the involvement of the Obama White House, along with the Israeli Mossad, in perpetrating this hoax, then, blaming it on Islamic people? That was surely done previously: 9-11, the Boston hoax, the Madrid train bombings, the London tube bombings, and far more (all done by the Israelis with a degree of US collaboration). It merely shows the lengths to which the Mossad and its collaborators, including the entire Kenyan regime, will go to heap false blame on Islam, the last bastion of resistance to Zionist schemes. Yet, really, how close are Abedin and Ms. Clinton. Is her marriage to Anthony Weiner merely a ruse? At a minimum it would appear that she admires that wretched satanic one, that letter of great blood and creator of much despair, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A clear and categorical Zionist agent, that is an agent for the so-called New World Order, Abedin is married to this man, Mr. Anthony Wiener. That places her at least by proxy as a secretive Jew, like Rodham-Clinton.

Weiner is seen, here, arguing with an orthodox Jew. Brought down in flames with a sexting scandal, the connection between all these Zionists with the Clinton cabal is clear, as follows:

“Abedin has struggled to reconcile her marriage to Weiner with her role as Clinton’s top aide, traumatized by the prospect of leaving her boss’ inner circle,” the magazine reports, citing a person familiar with the situation.
Is the marriage, therefore, to Mr. Sexting addict, real or merely a ruse?

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