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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Troy Southgate: The Epitome of Fake Nationalism

By Andrew Anglin

Fake nationalist Troy Southgate with 
Jewish Rabbi Ahron Cohen.

I was recently attacked by the pretentious race-traitor Troy Southgate, and have since taken the time to look into him. As it turns out, Troy epitomizes the nature of the system of false opposition, a front of pretend nationalists who appear to speak for the people, while in reality ensuring that no genuine nationalist movement can emerge, as all dissent is funneled through these channels which are designed to be feeble and inept.

Though we are both ostensibly speaking out for White interests, I am an Anti Semite  promoting authoritarian socialism, while Southgate is philosemetic, and trying to link nationalism to nonsensical anarchist ideology. Herein, I will highlight the importance of these distinctions between our world views, and explain why it is impossible that Troy is anything other than a complete shill.

Troy Southgate, like many Semitophiles, 
is a satanist.

The grounds on which Southgate attacked me were the same as I often hear – “the bad Jews want us to hate the good Jews.” The argument, on the face of it, is so ridiculous and idiotic that it is tragic that I must continue to hear it, even after having fully debunked the logic of it. A shill will continue to push the same lie, as long as there are those willing to believe it, regardless of whether or not someone has explained the base idiocy of it or not.

Briefly: obviously, the Jews do not want us to hate them, or they wouldn’t spend billions of dollars on media brainwashing to make us not hate them. If they did want us to hate them, all they would have to do is put their own crimes on television. It is absolutely nonsensical to claim that the Jews have a secret plan to get us to hate them – that is the line of a Jewish shill, attempting to deride a hardcore Anti Semitic movement which deals with the real problem in our society – which is not the ideological position of a minority of Jews, it is the genetic nature of the Jewish race, which is that of a parasitical virus. These are not individuals, making individual choices about the ideologies they follow, but a collectivist group defined by a shared genetic heritage.

The Jews have demonstrated, throughout history, that the only thing they ever do is seek to control and feed off of host populations. This is not simply a matter of the “big Jews” who run banks or the media – it is a biological trait of the Jewish race. The “little Jews” are not working on farms or in factories or landscaping, they are doing lower-level money-lending, such as running cash advance scams or pawn shops, they are running porno and gambling websites, they are professors in universities subverting the minds of the youth, they are managing apartment complexes and abusing people on rent, they are dealing drugs and running prostitutes and they are marketing idiot ideologies to gullible goy on the internet, soliciting donations and selling snake oil and precious metals – never do we find them in an honest business.

It is their nature to abhor the concept of work, and thus they will always be a parasite. There is no such thing as a “good Jew,” anymore than there is such thing as a “good leech,” and there is simply no good reason why they should be in our society at all.

And yet Southgate supports any Jew who is “Anti-Zionist” – one might ask, if these Jews are against the Zionist state of Israel, where it is they propose to live? The answer, of course, is in Europe, where they can forever run their exploitative money scams on the altruistic White European people.

Southgate is buddy-buddy with Rabbi Ahron Cohen (pictured top), who is an Anti-Zionist Jew, demanding that all Israeli Jews return immediately to Europe. With regards to the Holohoax, the Rabbi has said 
“There is no question that there was a Holocaust and gas chambers. There are too many eyewitnesses.” 
What a great ally Troy has found in this good Jew – he will prove invaluable in helping us fight the bad Jews!

Any “nationalist” who does not demand a complete and stipulation-free deportation and/or imprisonment of all Jews residing in White homelands is simply controlled opposition – capitalism, communism, immigration, cultural destruction – all of it stems directly from the Jew, and wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Jew, thus the key purpose of any movement of relevance should be to identify and attack the Jew.

Troy Southgate, with his “most Jews are good – I want to stand should-to-shoulder with them,” is among the most weaselly of the shills I’ve encountered. At least the “new right” weirdos at Counter-Currents occasionally name the Jew.

Anarchy For the UK, Mate, It’s Like, Totally Radical

Nevermind the bollocks, here’s Troy Southgate: a totally mature adult who believes in the edgy and revolutionary intellectual concept that a modern economic and social order can function without a government.

The attack by Troy was apparently provoked by my having called for the arrest, trial and execution of Jewish revolutionary Adam Kokesh, who was at the time planning an armed overthrow of the US government, √† la Russia, 1917. Kokesh claims to be an anarchist who wants free association and ownership of one’s own labor and non-aggression and blah blah blah who cares, but the reality is that no Jew actually believes in any ideology, and simply moves toward whichever will appeal to the masses, for the purpose of exploiting them.

Jews have been knee deep in anarchy for a hundred years, as it serves as a good hopeless/fake opposition to their systems of capitalism and communism, while also giving them ample opportunity to make money off of crappy music and books. Kokesh is a typical Jewish rat, using moron-level media hype to get donations and precious metal sales from drug-addled youths, sexual abuse victims who hate their parents and other confused persons; after getting literally tens of millions worth of publicity for his planned violent revolution, he slyly announced that he had “changed his mind” for no reason – something which I had predicted, as when one is skeptical of the Jew, it is not hard to follow.

Southgate clearly doesn’t follow, but if I had to guess, this is mainly due to his obsessive concern with being trendy and hip; constantly reassuring himself that he is perceived to be on the razor’s edge of fashionable appearances, impressing various homosexuals and digital “zines” with his fascinating and always evolving image – couple that with a strict regiment of satan-worship and he is left with precious little time to figure out what is actually going on around him.

Also, like the shills of the conspiracy movement, Southgate and other fake nationalist shills are able to make a living by not actually doing anything – so why would he wish to put his cushy position on the line by identifying the real enemy, when it is just as easy to talk in circles, endlessly, about meaningless nonsense, while looking really cool and feeling great about how many followers he has on Facebook?

Seriously. Look at this crap.

“The interference of the state power in social relations becomes superfluous in one sphere after another, and then ceases of itself. The government of persons is replaced by the administration of things and the direction of the processes of production. The state is not “abolished,” it withers away.” -South Troygate, speaking on his plan to replace the United Kingdom with a series of peasant villages

Southgate attempts to be edgy and interesting by promoting a version of Jew-Anarchy which he claims to have invented himself. He calls it “National Anarchy,” which is an obvious oxymoron. There is simply no way that a nation, defined by a shared ethnic and cultural heritage, can exist without a state in the modern era.

Troy tries his hardest to make the chic “anarchist” image work for him though, shoddily rectifying the glaring disconnect by explaining that by “nation” he actually means “village,” which will exist after the complete collapse of all industrial nations, which he thinks is going to happen pretty soon, apparently. Having given up on his plans to overthrow the British government, he is waiting around for this collapse of the global society, hanging out at cocktail parties while preparing to go live in the woods and hunt wild boar for his “nation,” which, again, means “village.”

This is Sick and Ridiculous

The guy is a complete joke, like the vast majority of parasitical kosher “leaders” of the various alternative movements. In theory, anyone who joins any movement aimed at change has the same goal, which is a revolution which will make life more meaningful for the people. The fact that there are so many different movements, each with its own goofy aesthetic, serves well the ruling system, as it makes it impossible to unify a resistance movement, as people constantly argue with one another about their favorite shill figures.

Many pathetic, lazy and egotistical individuals, who would have difficulty getting real jobs, are then able to put themselves up as “leaders” who differ slightly from the various other “leaders,” thus making the whole mess more confusing than it was before they showed up.

It is time to go through and call out each one of these people as frauds. We cannot suffer their inane gibberish any longer – the situation is too dire. We must unify, and eject the Jew (or simply lay down and die – there is no middle ground).

The Great and Mighty Adolf Hitler already laid out a fully functioning social, economic and political order, and it is this model that we must follow, as we seek to save our race. Anyone who stands in the way of this must be considered a more bitter enemy than the Jew himself.

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