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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Take a good hard look at the photo. Looking away from it will not change the fact that it happened. This girl’s family had different religious views from the [US,UK and Israeli backed] Syrian Rebel Army. When the “Free Syrian Army” marched into her town, they chained her to a fence and forced her to watch as her parents were tortured and killed for their religion. These are the same “Free Syrian Army” soldiers that Obama just violated international law to provide weapons to.

I will not gross people out with the graphic video or the violence that happens over there daily under the guise of a “peaceful” army taking on the “evil” leader of Syria. The look on this child’s face says enough. Think about what she has to endure. This event would scar you for life as an adult, I can only imagine the hardship that this little girl will have to endure. An orphan of an insane Islamic Radical Army that through Pictures have made no qualms about where there next target is.

While President Obama shouts “It’s for the Children”, we have to ask ourselves is it really? This is a child. This is now an Orphan. Her parents were not butchered in front of her by Assad but by the very group he broke international law to fund. She didn’t ask for Al Qaeda to free her. Her parents didn’t ask to be butchered by Al Qaeda. Assad hasn’t talked about butchering every last Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist left in the country. No that would be the “Free Syrian Army” of Al Qaeda and death row inmates from Iraq and Iran shipped to the country to fight Assad, that WE are funding. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us not forget what they desire. Posted directly on the Free Syrian Army’s Facebook Page was only a picture with a caption that tells us everything we need to know as Americans. Take a hard look at the pictures above. This is who we are funding.

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  1. Could this be the reaon, or one of them, why Fienstien wants all Journalists to be 'licensed'? The Juden grip is so tight, it is painful.