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Saturday, 7 September 2013

They Made Their Beds — THEN DIED IN IT - Incog Man

From the “Do-I-Give-A-Flying-Flock” Department: Here’s a few photo montages (below) of White women who became involved with blacks and paid the ultimate price for their stupidity. I can’t entirely blame them, however, since Jew media constantly brainwashes our race to breed ourselves away. Funny how these insane hypocrites do everything possible under the radar, or quite openly over in Israel, to limit this kind of thing among themselves.

Hate to get graphic about it, but these foolish women were stabbed, shot, strangled, had their faces and heads bashed in by anything convenient, maybe even burned alive by these crazy animals – gone bonkers about something or other — enough to murder “dat white bitch.” When things go really bad, these violently crazy apes might just run off and slaughter the woman’s White friends, relatives and any new White boyfriends – should the fool finally come to her senses.

Do I believe there’s a purposeful effort to push miscegenation (race mixing) by the Globalist Jewish money elite and little Jewry all through the media? You’re GD right I do. It’s all part of the insidious “PC” crap designed to mess with our heads and destroy the White race as much as possible.

If you think that’s bull, then Jewish brainwashing must have screwed you up in the head as well. 

Data from way back in 1985 revealed that White women are 12.4 times more likely to get murdered by a black husband or boyfriend than a White. And I’m absolutely certain it’s much, much worse today, with blacks now going criminally haywire across the board. Hard to pinpoint exact numbers when the anti-White DOJ actively works to obfuscate black-on-White crime numbers. One needs to use common sense (the little birdy inside who tells you blacks are indeed dangerous, unpredictable animals).

Also pay close attention to local news — even though that’s often manipulated for PC purposes, too — usually by not showing a shot of either perp, or victim, if it happens to be a black-on-white crime. And don’t forget to extrapolate out across the country as a whole to get an idea of just how much Whites are the real victims here.*

This is just a selected few over the last few years.


* Note the poor quality of many of these shots (or no shots at all). That’s because the traitorous media avoids too much coverage of “hush” crimes – dangerous to Jewish social engineering efforts – making White people like me do whatever they can, like enlarging tiny shots, using anonymous silhouettes, or pixellated screen captures of local news video. News traitors cleverly work to hide this from White people by avoiding showing too many victim pictures, or any sad shots of family, often cleverly holding victim portraits at angles to the camera and only briefly.

I do this site to report on such crimes to fellow Whites on the Internet (the Jews work hard to silence us and are searching for ways to close down all non-PC talk).

And the tag line “BRAINWASHED BY JEW MEDIA…”? I mean that quite seriously (that’s why I put it on all the montages). The SOBs have purposefully created a societal situation that is now killing MY RACE in many of our countries today, like Britain, Sweden and France. Think it all out, and you’ll get it.

These devious rats and their sadistic, murderous pet monkeys will reap the whirlwind soon enough.

– Phillip Marlowe


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