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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Silence Of The Shams

Everywhere I look these days I see 'moderate' Muslim leaders in hysterics over one thing or another. The slightest suggestion of 'Islamophobia', be it some canton in Switzerland deciding they don't want their 'citizens' walking around like post boxes, Christian schools displaying 'offensive' (i.e. Christian) symbols, non-halal food inadvertently being served to Muslims or whatever. Loud wailing betrays the degree of persecution the unfortunate Religion Of Peace labours under.

In fact it's blindingly obvious that those 'moderate' Muslim leaders, just like the race hucksters in America, actually seem to be on the lookout for any conceivable offence for which retribution - and restitution, don't ever forget that - can be gained. They are busy busy boys (they're always boys, of course). And as for their counterparts in Dar-al-Islam, well, they have of course a altogether more robust ways of making their hurt feelings known.

I can only assume that the 'moderate' community leaders are so busy hunting down such trivia in the Dar-al-Harb (Region of War, in case you didn't know) that they never get around to protesting, or even condemning, the endless saga of murderous outrages carried out by their core legionists around the world with monotonous regularity. 

You know, setting a giant bomb off in a Christian church in Pakistan, killing hundreds, hacking and machine-gunning scores of churchgoers in Nigeria, or that little matter in Nairobi recently.

I've undertaken a detailed and pretty meticulous search and have come up blank. Those 'moderate' leaders, so beloved of our political and media elites, and so sensitive to the slightest hint of anything offensive to their precious feelings, are struck dumb when the kuffar is the victim.

But then, what would you expect from them? What I would hope - but not expect - from dhimmi Western political and media leaders is a demand for these hypocrites unequivocally to condemn the outrages committed in the name of Islam.

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