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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Phoney Alternative Media Guide.


Zionism is the great bogeyman behind which ordinary Jews; atheist, conservative, liberal, orthodox can hide behind Adolf Hitler once said.
And indeed, almost all sentinent Jews share the unspoken understanding of the teachings of Torah and Talmud that Jews shall inherit the earth, that all non-Jews are as cattle who by divine order must be turned into slaves, and that the possesions of the non-Jews, including their freedom and human identity has been handed by the Jewish god over to them as his chosen people. The teaching of the prophets Isaiah and Joshua and the Babylonian rabbis instruct every child at shul that they will grow to inherit all the wealth, property and lands of the Goyim. While teachers and rabbis drum into almost every Jewish child the essential duty to eliminate by any possible means, fair and foul, through religion or Marxism, the biggest threat to the advance to a Jew world Order; the white race, ‘the thinking race’ the most all-round advanced member of the human species ever to walk the earth.

“First they came for the antisemites and they shot anyone in the head who posessed a copy of the protocols, but I was not an awake antisemite so I said nothing. Then they came for the priests, nuns and monks but I was not religious and I said nothing. Then they came for the intellectuals, teachers and writers but I was not educated and said nothing. Then they came for the whites and it was too late because I was white and Jewish Bolschvicks killed up to 100 million white Christian Russians and Slavs in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.” 



  1. Jewess or not, Diana was taken out because she was too close to their ancient enemy... Islam. Imagine the panic that these lot went through, before they used their private, last option secret system of secure phones and private computer servers and satelite technology? They own what some nations use to run their special forces ops through. They can communicate in absolute privacy.


    1. "Diana was taken out because she was too close to their ancient enemy... Islam"

      Not true. Not true at all.

      Two ancient historians attest to Mohamed's mother being a kike.

      Islam is Talmudism for the masses. Virtually identical.

      Invented by Jewish elders to drum up an army to attack Byzantium for enacting legislation restricting the Jews exploitive nature.

      It's Cain v Able, Jacob v Esau.

      Flooding every White country with 3rd world animals in continuing the policies of the Edomite Jew King Herod attempting to prevent the 2nd coming of Yeshuwa Christ.

      Read your Bible.

  2. I've always been annoyed (to say the least) at how much the "alternative media" blather on about "Nazis" endlessly.
    The number one way to manipulate is to repeat the same thing over and over again, repetition.
    They fit right in with the Big media agenda. A person who watches as little as 2 hours of tv per day is exposed to something about Hitler or the Nazis several times per week. Alex Jones puts great effort into injecting "Hitler" or "Nazis" into every single broadcast he does. I even set out to compiled a collection of clips for a two month period of his Nazi/Hitler rants. But, only after a couple weeks and over 50 clips, I got burned out.
    Alex Jones also plays into the deception with his endless graphic stories about heinous child abuse. This plays subconsciously on people to not want to have kids and to be so scared for the ones they have that they smother and/or instill fear into their own children.

    Good site and great article. Thank you.

  3. I think you are being a bit hard on UK Column which I once noticed had done this about Bernard Lewis...

    It does not say right up, "Bernard Lewis is a Jew." or "The Jew, Bernard Lewis" but rather,
    " Born in 1916 to middle-class Jewish parents in Stoke Newington".

    Beginners and those who are steeped in years of propaganda, may find hard hitting sites off-putting until they actually start to become "decontaminated" (in the words of Yuri Besmenov). Also I have heard some who are now fully awake to the Jew admit that they once listened to Alex Jones!

    For many of us it was a process of self education by degrees.

  4. I need to add something about Gerrish. He is ex Royal Navy. He does go on about the Nazis, and that I do find irritating because it spoils his good research on other stuff such as Common Cause. Ex servicemen and servicemen are the most propagandised of all. If soldiers and sailors didn't believe what they were doing was "right" you wouldn't be able to get them to fight at all! I have personally found this to be true with officers of high rank in particular.
    I have noticed that you simply can't get through to them. So, yes Brian Gerrish still remains contaminated by propaganda