The 14 Words

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The cost of Fuel means nothing to these PARASITES ripping up the turf in their 4x4 Gas Guzzlers


  1. Well said John!
    They ARE parasites. And gutless. A disgrace to our ancestors such as Edward I who kicked the Jews out of England. They take the money and do nothing. You have Trevor Macdonald a BLACK newsreader. He got his job through the Jewish construct known as "affirmative action". I am sure there were many white candidates not selected at the time for that job who could do it better, but they did not get the job because they were WHITE. He is now SIR Trevor Macdonald. No black should ever have a knighthood or be a Lord. And definitely no JEW. What about the first JEW Lord? A Rothschild! What did he do that was so good for the British Nation? That was when the rot set in.
    The "Royals" should be head of the British People who were a great and beautiful race, not a bunch of liquorice allsorts. They have allowed the slow genocide of the British People to happen under their noses, knowingly.
    Edward VIII was a great admirer of Hitler. I believe they got rid of him because of that. Mrs Wallace Simpson was just the excuse. He was replaced by a lump of uselessness, George VI who must have been fully aware of the immorality of our attack on our German brothers and sisters. He had the power to sack Churchill and should have done so.

    1. George was pro-NS. Thus, he was married off and probably warned off before hand. As for Churchill, he was a fat, indebted drunkard, specifically chosen by the Chosen to do the job of slaughtering our cream of British youth. He was in debt to the massive (then) tune of £41,000. The Red Shield (Rothschild) parasitical banking family paid his debts off.