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Friday, 13 September 2013

Stewart Jackson MP - Another Jewish Lickspittle

Written by Green Arrow

Seriously people, you cannot escape the Jews, investigate ANY story concerning attacks against the white race or the True British and you will find either a Jew or one of their lickspittle pet cattle race traitors.

This particular story/stone concerns the conservative MP for Peterborugh, the piece of shit known as Stewart Jackson MP.

The story begins with the news reported in the rag Daily Mail about a United Nations representative, Raquel Rolnik, condemning the evil Bedroom Tax, that has already caused a number of people to kill themselves in order to save a pathetic £500 million a year.

The conservatives are going ape shit at the fact that a person who does not live in what was once Our Country should have the temerity to point out just how evil this tax is when she said:
‘My immediate recommendation is that the bedroom tax is abolished.
'I was very shocked to hear how many people feel abused in their human rights by this decision and why – being so vulnerable – they should pay for the cost of the economic downturn, which was brought about by the financial crisis.'
The evil bastards in our Zionist Puppet Government have now called for an investigation by the United Nations into this senior UN officials statement and condemned her for appearing at protest rallies that shamefully British Nationalists have been absent from.

The conservative turd, Stewart Jackson MP has opened his big trap and said that Miss Rolnick was a 'loopy Brazilian leftie with no evidence masquerading as a serious UN official'.

Now I find it somehow ironic and hypocritical that this government, which has involved Our Country in numerous illegal foreign wars and is currently attempting to subvert the legal and popular Syrian government, have the nerve to talk about her intervention in British politics. Scum bags the lot of them.

So let us turn our attention to the creature Stewart Jackson MP. What do we know about him? Well quite a bit actually.

I am not sure just how many bedrooms he has in his numerous homes that we have bought for him through the expenses he claims, but I do know that after it was revealed that Jackson had claimed more than £66,000 and then a further £11,000 in legal and mortgage fees in buying a new constituency home, Jackson said "any ban on second home allowances would be "draconian and unfair". Turd, how many beds can he sleep in at once?

In May of this year the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority issued a High Court action to recover £54,000 in Capital Gains from him. Money that has so far not been paid as far as I can determine.

I have done some digging into other income he has received while supposedly working for his constituents and some of the figures are truly amazing - who would pay this thing £3,750 for 18 hours work and just how much has he received from his relationship this company? Trouble is I just do not have time to continue the pursuit and so must leave the scent of 
corruption behind.

As to be expected he is a conservative Friend of Israel who has enjoyed at least one free all expenses paid trip to that illegal nation that I no longer believe has the right to exist.

Sadly during this one visit, he missed out on meeting any Palestinians although he did hear some shots fired - probably at Palestinian children, that he spoke about before uttering this garbage:

Urging Britons to visit Israel, Mr Jackson argued: 
“It’s very important to show their support for the only democracy in the area. I feel we have a duty and obligation to support Israel. This is the first time I’ve been and I will be back.”
Duty and obligation to support Israel!!! Speak for yourself, you loathsome piece of dogs vomit.

And if you really want to know why Jackson does not give a toss about the sick, disabled, unemployed and elderly in our society, it is because he is too worried about the poor bloody Jews in Israel.
The prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran presents a clear and present danger to Israel and to regional stability, and it is too great a risk. The European Union, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency must rise to the challenge of preventing that prospect from coming to fruition.
Now some of you might not like what I say next and might even ask what gives me the right to speak this way. Well I will tell you and I will tell you without peeling any onions.

My name is Paul Morris, I am The Green Arrow and I am the sole Editor of The British Resistance that is, with the notable exception of the excellent blog run by John Hardon, one of the few sites that will ALWAYS tell you The Truth - I have put my life and freedom on the line for you.

The site is read in depth, by over 100,000 people in a three month period (that is not hits that is unique individuals) and I know that I can increase and improve on that if only I work harder - or even better, if you writers out there start sending articles in. Without Kasredin, I would be on my own. For the record I do not have a clue who he is and neither do I wish to.

So that said, I shall now do what you are thinking and GET ON WITH IT.

The Nationalist Movement (what little there is of it) must stop avoiding the words Jews and Zionists. [the REAL enemy]  They must start shouting the truth (about EVERYTHING) out each and every day about the evil of these people and their plans.

Our two MEP's MUST state that only full on, in your face National Socialism can save Our Country.

If they have a problem with being completely truthful then they can use the words Social Nationalism if they must, but they must stop piling on the weight and start pulling their weight instead. I have had a gutsful of them. Even Nigel Farage runs rings around them.

We MUST support the working classes, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because NO REVOLUTION can succeed without them, and I have had another gutsful of watching the scum bag reds be the only kids on the block when it comes to tackling the murdering bastards of ATOS, the Incapacity Benefit killers and the Bedroom Tax bastards.

One other thing before I jump out of my pram and pick my toys back up.

A little bit of defence for this site and myself would not come amiss. If you google "Paul Morris Green Arrow" you will (again with only this notable exception) find tens of thousands of threats and vile lies about me and very few if any supporting.

That is what gives me the right to speak any damn way I please.

Now let's have those articles.


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