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Monday, 23 September 2013

Shock as man buys magazine in WH Smith

Sales assistant Fiona McAndrew (pictured right) was left in a state of shock earlier today after a man approached her checkout in the Trowbridge branch of WH Smith carrying a copy of Classic Bulldozer in one hand and a five pound note in the other.
‘I asked him what he wanted and he “To buy this”. It took me a while to take it in,’ McAndrew told reporters. ‘So I said “You mean you want to give me money for it?”. Then I asked him whether he had got lost and had actually meant to be standing around with the other several dozen people reading all the magazines for nothing. He said no, he wanted to take it home and read it.’
Remembering her training in sales prevention tactics, McAndrew asked the customer if he wouldn’t rather have a half-price chocolate orange with a six foot long receipt plus a another piece of paper offering 20% off everything except anything you want. Eventually, however, she accepted his money, which earned her a severe reprimand from the manager. The customer was later sectioned to prevent him causing any more distress to WH Smith customers and staff.

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