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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Self Proclaimed 'Man of the people' and 'Saviour of the Poor' Showing his True Colours, a useful idiot for the Globalist Criminal Cabal

Bono used the knowledge gleaned from his years spent around President Clinton to have a laugh at the Democrat's expense today when the rocker did an impression of the politician.

The U2 frontman was one of the invited guests to speak on a panel at the Clinton Global Initiative event in New York City on Tuesday and when the former President was late to the stage, Bono took over. The two men have worked together for more than a decade on issues SCAMS like debt relief and African AIDS medication campaigns, so Bono has had plenty of time to observe the politician's ticks.

What a bloody disgrace and an insult to the Irish nation


Bono exposed as a complete fraud

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