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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Resistance is not futile; it never has been

By Rufus

From time to time, I receive comments which can be regarded as defeatist and factional. One recent comment was as follows:
"Whatever right-wing ideology you believe in, it ain't gonna ever come to exist in reality. Not in this world, not in this lifetime. And you've only got one life...Life is only ever going to be the shit reality that we are all used to."
This comment is worthy of note as it draws attention to a popular misconception amongst those who take an interest in politics. That misconception is simply that there really is such a thing as Left-Wing and Right-Wing politics.

The terms 'left-wing' and 'right-wing' were popularised in France to denote the distinction between republicans and monarchists. They have since become manipulated to herd people - like cattle - into rival camps; fighting one another, rather than focusing upon achieving liberation from our common plight. In the modern world, the terms are absolutely useless, and we would be well-advised to stop using them at all.
The idea that we have already lost the struggle against the international enemy, is an idea which is wholly unacceptable. Certainly we are in a dire position, but as long as we have the resolve to resist, then there is hope. We only have to look at the history of the world to see the successful restoration of freedom to peoples who would have been considered as hopelessly lost to the rule of despots.

The people of Moorish-occupied Spain withstood eight centuries of rule by hostile outsiders. Ultimately the Spanish people were able to throw off the yoke of the alien oppressors and regain control of their country. During those eight long centuries, how many people would have taken the view that there was nothing which could be done to oust the enemy of the nation? How many people would have simply collaborated with the Arabs and Jews who held positions of power over them? For the occupation of Spain to continue for such a long time, it can be surmised that the majority of people took the easy option of embracing the orthodoxy of the rulers (or in modern parlance of kowtowing to political correctness). The people who did not collaborate may have been few in number, but it was they who laid the foundations for a return to freedom which culminated in the expulsion of the Moors, and shortly after of the Jews who had profited from the exploitation of Europeans at the hands of Arab depots.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, the continent of Africa was controlled by tyrants using the nations of Europe as fronts for their tyranny. Although the overt control of Africa by the occupied governments of Europe was replaced by the covert occupation via multinational corporations, the end of the imperial system was a step towards the total liberation of the continent. The misnamed 'British Empire' was an economic system which exploited all who were subjected to it - Britons included. The majority of people who lived under the dark rule of the Empire had no idea that the despotism would evaporate almost overnight once its usefulness had been exhausted. The current situation in Africa is far from ideal, but the end of open imperialism at least paves the way for a rebirth of Africa.

A success story which is often overlooked is the Republic of Malawi. Malawi achieved freedom in the 1950s and has since adopted an immigration policy which limits residency to people who can prove they are of sub-Saharan descent. This policy can be compared to the Israeli Law of Return, and has ensured that only Africans can have any place in Malawian society. Malawi joins Israel as one of the very few countries which has a sensible immigration policy which can effectively stand against the globalist policy of transferring incompatible peoples across the globe. Unlike Israel, the nation of Malawi belongs to the people resident in it, and is not land stolen from others. Before home-rule, Malawi was at the mercy of foreign rulers, who treated the territory in the same manner as the Moors and their Jewish financiers had treated Spain.

Those who argue that we can do nothing, ignore the fact that countless peoples have been subjected to rule by despots, and that in many instances the despots have been displaced, and those who were once powerless have regained control. Those who believe that all hope is lost and that our demise is 'inevitable' ignore the examples of history. Our situation will not be resolved overnight, and may continue long after we are gone, but resolved it will be. We have to ensure that we build the foundations for a restoration of freedom for those who come after us; we also have to ensure that we are ready to expose all weaknesses in the enemy so that we can hasten the end of their misrule. The occupation of Spain continued for hundreds of years, but was eventually ended. We have access to methods of transmitting information which the Spanish did not have. We no longer live in awe of the Establishment and we have replaced our subservience to authority with a healthy mistrust of all who hold positions of authority; religious, political, legal et al. Our plight is no harder than that of those who came before us, and our opportunities to build an effective and active resistance are much better.

Those who take the defeatist attitude that we cannot win, and thus should not try, are either ignorant of human nature and the cyclical reality of economic and political tyranny, or they are agents of the enemy we fight against, whose purpose is to undermine the growing opposition by spreading self-defeating apathy. In either case, they cannot be allowed to plant their poison into our minds. There have always been collaborators - usually well paid for their treachery - and there always will be. They must not be allowed to conduct their dirty work unopposed. They may have the upper hand at present, but they will not be victorious in the long term. Resistance is not futile; resistance is vital. As can be seen throughout history, those who oppress us will be overthrown, and we will rise again.


  1. 'Those Were The Days'... Cream, the first supergroup in blues-based rock. Check out this track, it's lyrical yearning for Atlantis and our Hyperborean past, is beautiful. Thanks for this uplifting, and totally agreeable article John.


  2. This is a great article for uplifting the spirits when one becomes utterely depressed at what is being done to our beloved Britannia by her many treacherous enemies in Westminster and beyond.

    I have absorbed its message and have bookmarked this page for those dark days ahead when words of wisdom and encouragement such as these are desperately needed.

    Again thank you to Rufus for these wise words, and to John for this special web site!