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Saturday, 21 September 2013

ReConstructions Live with Mike Sledge September 20 2013

Tonight on ReConstructions Live I will discuss the history of John Demjanjuk and how it relates to Israel and the "War On Gentiles". I will also discuss the two sides of Putin, plus your phone calls.

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  1. I may differ in opinion to the radio host. I think President Putin is playing the long game. let's face it ladies and Gentlemen, (and the leftist perverts in between reading this) the Juden have control of the types of weapons that are at least two decades in front of what we know of. Control of the press and media in the west, and of the money supply is one thing, but military tactics and weaponry, and the associated technology, well that is another, far more serious issue.

    Putin knows what the Juden Banking elite are capable of, he was once serving under them. He, and we, also know that, they have wealth beyond mere nation's wealth. Money buys treachery, and treachery buys time for the Juden. Putin I think, is having to say certain things, just like Griffin in the UK, then as time goes by, and more people get on message, they can move more freely.

    PS... Over on Birmingham Nationalist's site, run by Mr Hickman, there is a good piece on Ian Stuart Donaldson. Go and check it out folks. I, on the other hand, have to glue my backside to an airport seat for hours on end... enjoy it those who can.