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Monday, 16 September 2013

Pentagon plans countdown to Syria war?

Assad’s full cooperation isn’t good enough for Washington. Obama wants regime change.

On Thursday, Free Syrian Army head Selim Idriss rejected Russia’s peace initiative. 

World powers, he said, shouldn’t 
“be satisfied only by removing the chemical weapon, which is the tool of a crime, but judge the author of the crime before the International Criminal Court, who has clearly acknowledged possessing it and agreed to get rid of it.”
Idriss urged military force. He wants weapons supplied his forces increased. He promised to
“intensify operations in all regions of the country.” 
Peaceful conflict resolution faces long odds. Washington’s going all out to prevent it

On September 12, Russia’s Rossiya-24 prerecorded an interview with Assad. He pledged full cooperation for peace.

He’ll sign the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Within days, he’ll submit documents required to do so, he said.

He’ll place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control. He’ll provide monitors with information about them one month after becoming a CWC signatory.

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