The 14 Words

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


ED Noor: Picture above pure childish innocence ~ a state of mind to be cherished in our young. The story below is about a man who is on par with the Obama appointee pictured below. Do you think, that within a year, this sweet mind should be filled with concepts of buggery and perversions?

A quick search of Professor Levin shows he is, indeed, a person of the Jewish persuasion. Talmudic teachings anyone?

Hang the buzztard for his perversion of children and GET HIS PROGRAMMES OUT OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM! NOW! Now that the parents are aware of this there is NO EXCUSE for their children to be exposed to this filth.

This is another plus in Putin's favour. He does not outlaw homosexuality as yidiots like Cher espouse, he just wants this objectionable material kept out of the minds of minors. Is that so terribly wrong? NOOOOOOOOO!

Child sex abuse (ED Noor: Talmudic corruption) is now official government policy.
“Grade 6 kids will be taught masturbation; Grade 7 kids about anal sex, as opposed to vaginal intercourse…“
“He had a hand in drafting sex lessons for children that will destroy the innocence of thousands of Ontario children.“


  1. It just had to a pervert Jew. What the hell did we do to deserve being led by these filthy sewer-minded parasites?


    1. The more you look into the 'Tribe' the more you realise just how evil these Babylonian children of Satan are. As Andrew Anglin says it is in their genetics, they are genetically programmed to behave this way.

      That being the case they have no right to exist on this Earth. Whilst they are allowed to exist amongst us and in fact have control and total power over everything, the destruction of our race is assured

      John Hardon