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Sunday, 29 September 2013

New attempt at “Anti-Racism” law will try to ban food distrubution to Greeks only!

After the memorandum state illegally evicted the Golden Dawn, they have acquired all the luxury to return to the comfort of ethnocide “anti-racism” law, which is clearly racist against the Greek people, since it prohibits anyone to give food only to Greeks. The law that will essentially criminalize solidarity among the Greeks, and prohibit the freedom of choice on who can help who.

According to reports the new anti-racist law prepared by the government inflicts heavy penalties. It wants to remove the right to vote to people who they deem to be nationalist. Moreover, it will enact tough punishments for those involved in “events of hatred” (what the corrupt press calls the events of a legal political party), in the distribution of food selectively only to Greeks.

Remember that the previous bill had been declared unconstitutional by the Central Standing Committee of the General Secretariat of the Government, but this shall not prevent the great “patriotic” faction of Nea Demokratia to try again, to satisfy the government’s “partner” PASOK. 

Publications indicate that they hunt “fascism” and “Nazism”. But they do not oppose the violent red fascism or “anarchofascism”. But we all know that the law has been putting the spotlight only on the Golden Dawn and allows, if not cultivates, racism against Greeks. Does the antiracist law address those who do not recognize the Genocide of Pontian Greeks, the destruction of Smyrna and things that affect the national and religious consciousness of the Greeks?

Traitors of the system want to leave the Greek people without hope for them to dictate the demands of foreign usurers. To destroy the Golden Dawn they will not hesitate to condemn an entire people into poverty and hunger, depriving them of the only way to alleviate this problem and survive. The Golden Dawn does not bend! We will not back down, our resistance will continue!

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