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Thursday, 19 September 2013

MOSSAD Agent Cameron evoking the Holohoax for propaganda purposes: 'Learn from the Holocaust evil to protect Syria,'

THE world may yet feel “shame” at not taking further action in Syria, David Cameron warned as he launched a bid to ensure a fitting British memorial to the Nazi Holocaust.

The Prime Minister defended his support for military action against Bashar Al Assad’s regime in a speech at a dinner in London to mark the 25th anniversary of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

He told the Dorchester hotel dinner that one of the main lessons of the Holocaust was that of not standing by. He said: 
“With me as Prime Minister, Britain will never stand by”.
But he said a resurgence in anti-Semitism in parts of Europe made it more important than ever to ensure future generations were kept aware [brainwashed with lies] of the mass killings by Hitler.

It was “sickening”, Mr Cameron said, that some still denied the Holocaust happened, excused it or played down its horror.
“We need to stand up to all of this. Anti-Semitism is not just an assault on the Jewish people – it is an assault on humanity,” he said.
Britain needed to show less “hands-off tolerance,” he said.
“When we look back at Srebrenica and Rwanda, we wonder now why we didn’t do more at the time. The same could so easily be said of Syria.”
The Prime Minister is convening a cross-party, multi-faith commission to examine what more Britain can do and to try to ensure the UK has a permanent and fitting memorial and education resource.

And there will be another £300,000 a year of taxpayer funding for the trust’s Lessons From Auschwitz programme to educate [BRAINWASH] young people, taking the annual contribution to £1.85million.

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