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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Michelle Obama Has Over 2 Million Imaginary Friends

Michelle Obama is taking imaginary friends to a whole new level. She has over 2 million of them.
Imaginary friends and imaginary companions are a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality. Imaginary friends are fictional characters created for improvisational role-playing. They often have elaborate personalities and behaviors. Although they may seem very real to their creators, children understand that their imaginary friends are not real.[1] The first studies focusing on imaginary friends are believed to have been conducted during the 1890s. (source)
Twitter recently revealed that according to their analytics, 37% of the First Lady’s followers are not real.
According to the Twitter analytics application Status People, 37 percent of Michelle Obama’s 5,290, 506 Twitter followers — or approximately 1,957,487 followers — are considered fake. Thirty-five percent of her followers are inactive, and 28 percent are considered “good,” or real.
Percentage-wise, she still fared better than President Barack Obama. Over half of Obama’s Twitter followers, according to a Sept. 20 Daily Caller report, are fake – 55 percent, or 20.2 million out of 36.8 million followers, to be more exact. (source)
Twitter has developed an application to determine whether or not followers on the social media network are real or fake.

With the Obama’s penchant for fake followers to prove their popularity, perhaps they are trying to trigger a group-think mentality and make people think, “Wow, if they have that many fans, they must be great!” Of course, when one must rely on imaginary friends to this extent, it has to take a toll on the self esteem. When fake friends number in the millions, only the most extreme narcissists could remain convinced of their own social and professional success.


  1. Imaginary friends seem to be a theme with these people. Isreal has many of these friends in the guise of those sycophantic politicians, the 'The Conservative Friends of Israel' and others. Little do these creeps realise, Israel has no real friends, only bitches it uses for entertainment. Obama is just another bitch.


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