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Friday, 20 September 2013

McCain Says It’s Not True That 40% Of Syrian Rebels Are Extremists Because He’s Met Them All

Blathering Senator refuses to believe details of expert study

Senile Senator John McCain, who has for months been demanding that Syrian rebels be armed by the US, says a study claiming up to 40 percent of the rebels are extremists is “not true” because he has personally met them.

Don’t attempt to look for any logic in McCain’s blathering, because there isn’t any.

The study, released in the week by by defense consultancy IHS Jane’s found that 

“the insurgency is now dominated by groups with at least an Islamist viewpoint of the conflict.”
“The idea that it is mostly secular groups leading the opposition is just not borne out.” said Charles Lister, author of the study.
Speaking to an audience at The Council On Foreign Relations, McCain stated 

“There’s about 70 percent still who are Free Syrian Army,” McCain said, despite the fact that the Jane’s study found that only around 30 percent of rebels are fighting for secular values,

While the London Telegraph suggested that the study claimed almost half of the rebel forces are jihadist or hardline Islamists, Lister himself tweeted:

They've taken my terminology too far. The report is an expansion of my FP piece = 33-39% being jihadist or conservative Islamist.

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