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Friday, 6 September 2013

Long Live the Syria Army: Defenders of Freedom and Victims of Terrorism and Lies

By Rufus

The 'British' Government is comprised of people who can be classed as amongst most depraved anti-humans who roam the Earth. These so-called democratic representatives of the British people, are in reality the lackeys of international finance, and the wholly-owned whores of multinational corporations. It is not in jest that the UK government is referred to as a Zionist Occupation Government. Just like the other ZOGs across the shattered remains of what used to be the civilised European world, those who sit in the UK Parliament are tools of the enemies of humanity, and they do not represent the interests of a single indigenous person, unless in the case of coincidentally advancing the wishes of those who are mentally unfit to live.

The UK is in the grip of an artificially created financial crisis. The Establishment has absolutely no compassion for those who are losing their homes, are not able to feed and clothe their children, and are being forced into absolute poverty through the contrived austerity measures. The fake economic crisis could be ended in an instant by ending the system of governments borrowing money as debt from the Rothschild's and other bankers, and simply introducing it as credit. Instead of adopting a solution which has been proven to work, the puppets in government are more than happy to see the people suffer, in order to keep their owners happy. We have a government which clearly has absolutely no qualms about destroying the lives of the people who live in this country, yet we are supposed to believe that they are concerned about the welfare of people in far away lands? This is clearly preposterous.

The UK Establishment has a long history of fomenting war in order to create profits for those who hold real power. The UK is a state which occupies territory which is separated from mainland Europe by the seas. There hasn't been a genuine threat to the UK from foreign invasion in this century or in the previous one. However, the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries have been centuries of almost perpetual war and involvement in acts of terrorism. Why? Because, war is money. War is also a distraction to keep people pre-occupied on events outside the country, and thus to draw attention away from the criminal actions of the State at home.

In the 1930s the British economy was stagnating. Rather than adopt the economic policies of our mainland neighbours who had broken free from the control of the Bankers, the enemy within chose to use war to reduce the surplus population of people who were of no use to the economy. In the UK, the people exist for the benefit of the economy, and as soon as we are of no use as creators of wealth for the multinationals and financiers, we are regarded as a burden to be disposed of. In a sane country, the economy would be engineered to serve the people; clearly the UK is not a sane country, but rather is a lunatic asylum run by people who view money as more important than people. In times of economic decline, we are to be sacrificed in order to protect the money system. That we tolerate this insanity is beyond fathomable.

In the 1980s, the Thatcher regime set about the dismantling of the mixed economy. The policy of privatisation was a con trick to transfer the wealth of the nation to rootless cosmopolitans. The economic hardship visited upon the people made the regime incredibly unpopular. To draw attention away from the destruction of our industrial and manufacturing base, the regime went to war in the Falkland Islands. Surely a media-hyped war wouldn't be enough to make a gullible people rally to a government which was destroying the country? Sadly it was. People died; the economy was turned over to international profiteers; the Stock Market was enshrined as the be-all and end-all of the economy; the seeds of our present plight were sewn. Away from the distraction of the war, the armaments industry made vast profits, and the usurers consolidated their hold over the people.

In the 1990s, using very much the same techniques as used to make the people support war against Germany in 1914, the media created the fantasy of an evil nation bullying its weaker neighbours. In place of fables of soldiers bayoneting Belgian babies, we had actors crying crocodile tears about non-existent murders of babies in incubators. In the war against Iraq, the 1939 war propaganda was also re-visited with Kuwait treated very much as Czechoslovakia had been before. In that war, Saddam Hussein was compared to Hitler; not for any factual reason, but solely to generate an emotional response by linking him to the propaganda technique known as the Holocaust. This fantasy was reprised a decade later in the second Gulf War.

The propaganda used to justify the destruction of Iraq is now very much back in the news. Just as Belgian babies from 1914 became Kuwaiti babies in the 1990s, and 'poor little Czechoslovakia' became 'poor little Kuwait', so the propagandists have continued to use old lies to justify new wars. We were told in 2003 that Iraq had 'weapons of mass destruction' which the evil dictator (boo hiss) sought to use upon his own people. The WMDs did not exist, as has since been admitted, but that didn't stop the illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation; an ongoing occupation which has led to over one million deaths, the explosion of religious extremism and an exodus of refugees from a once prosperous land. In 2013, Iraq has become Syria, and WMDs have become Chemical Weapons. Save for a change in the names and places, the propaganda is identical; and it too is a tissue of lies.

In his excellent book, 1984, George Orwell wrote of a nightmare world in which the people would be manipulated into believing whatever their owners told them. A particularly pertinent aspect of this system is the idea of perpetual war, with allies and enemies changing according to need. Thus we had the fake enemy USSR which was built as a covert Capitalist state in order to perfect Police State techniques before rolling them out globally. This fake enemy then became an ally after the 'fall' of the 'communist' smokescreen, and now with Putin at the helm, Russia is once again playing the adversarial role to the west (particularly the USA). I say playing with good reason, for it is all a choreographed pantomime.

In the 1980s the USSR (acting out its part as the 'enemy' of the west) was at war with 'poor little Afghanistan'. The allies of the west were the 'rebels' headed by Osama Bin Laden (the CIA operative figurehead of the Al Qaeda operation). The Al Qaeda allies continued to play the part of heroic freedom fighters in the dismantling of Yugoslavia and later of Serbia. The media portrayed these men as modern day David's fighting the evil Goliath. Such is the success of the conditioning of the people of Europe that almost no-one stopped to question whether the men murdering their way across the Balkans were indeed the saints we were told they were.

In 2001, Al Qaeda (in true Orwellian fashion) became the enemy! The 'heroic rebels' in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo et al, now became 'terrorists' who had to be crushed whatever the cost. Thus in place of the need for a perpetual Cold War against a fictitious financial ideological enemy, began a perpetual Hot War against a fictitious religious ideological enemy. The 'War on Terror' is still ongoing, yet in classic 'double think',we are supposed to believe that the former heroes of the western media, Al Qaeda, are a grave danger to every last man, woman and child on Earth, except for when they happen to be fighting against countries which do not conform to the international plutocratic system, and then they are our friends and they must be given our whole-hearted support!

The re-designation in 2011 of the Al Qaeda murderers and rapists as 'rebels' rather than terrorists restored them to the role they had previously played in Afghanistan and the Balkans. The major event which saw these sub-humans elevated to the position of idols of liberty, was the destruction of free Libya. Libya was a strong country which used direct democracy as its form of government, not the fake representative system employed in the west to make the masses believe they are free. The economic advances of Libya were a beacon to the whole of Africa, and were beginning to threaten the Rothschildian banking system. The roving mercenary scum were deployed to give the appearance of a persecuted opposition to the legitimate authority (failing to consider that the authority in Libya was the people themselves); a minority who had to be saved in a 'humanitarian war'. The war was a lie. It was a war for economic conquest, as has been proven by the post-war invasion of multinational corporations who are raping the former prosperous nation to death. The war was to impose a central bank with absolute loyalty to the international economic system. Once the Al Qaeda butchers had done the bidding of their globalist masters they were shipped en masse to the next country to be brought into line with the financial imperialists; Syria.

Syria is a proud nation with a long and glorious history. Until the terrorists of Al Qaeda began brutalising the country, it was a peaceful and economically-sound land. The crime of Syria was to not hand over economic control to the international financiers; the Rothschild's and their brethren. For steadfastly refusing to submit to the international bankers, and for defending the people of the Lebanon from Israeli aggression, Syria became a target of the internationalists. The enemy of humanity will not tolerate a single country existing outside its control. Syria, at present, is one of the few remaining free nations in the world.

The modus operandi of the criminals who control the international order has remained unchanged for decades. The method employed is to create simplistic imagery in the minds of the media-fed unthinking masses; imagery which appeals to the emotions rather than to logic. The method has all the sophistication of a Hollywood action film. Those who the internationalists seek to destroy have to become viewed as the embodiment of evil, and of course where there is evil, there must be the heroic saviours to come to the rescue. In the Great War, the Kaiser's soldiers were portrayed as baby-eating monsters, who sought to cross the English Channel to rape nuns and school-children in our shores. Against them stood the new Crusaders with a mission from God to stop these dæmons. Of course, the fact that the propaganda was a lie, and that the raping of nuns etc only occurred after the defeat of Germany - and that it was the work of those who 'our' military helped install in Russia (an ally cruelly betrayed by the anti-humans in London) - failed to register with the media manipulated dolts in the UK.

In the current move against Syria, the legitimate and highly popular government has been fighting to defend the ordinary people from the barbarians who the western media love to refer to as the Free Syrian Army. A more appropriate label would be the Syrian-free Army, as almost all of the terrorist scum are from outside Syria. They are soldiers of foreign powers, working side-by-side with religious lunatics and hired mercenaries, to destroy a free country and make it conform to the international order. The UK government has provided a vast amount of money to these vermin, under the lie that the money does not go towards procuring weaponry! It doesn't take the cunning of Sherlock Holmes to deduce that every penny which these armed criminals receive for non-military use frees up money for armaments. Only a complete moron would believe that tax-payers' money is not paying for these anti-humans to murder those who stand in the way of the international bankers.

So what are the tax-payers of the west actually paying for?

The FSA / Al Nusrah / Al Qaeda / whatever new name these terrorists use as an alias, are murdering anyone who gets in their way. It is only the brave soldiers of the Syrian Army who prevent the terrorists turning Syria into a carbon copy of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or any of the other places where the murdering barbarians have been deployed by the international menace. The liars in the western media paint the Syrian Army as the enemy of the Syrian people. This is absolute nonsense. The Syrian Army IS the Syrian people! Every soldier in the Syrian Army is the Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Grandson or Cousin of a Syrian civilian; they are fighting not for an abstract ideology, but for their kin. The Syrian Army is not murdering the people - as the lying vermin of the BBC proclaim - they are fighting to defend their people from the inhuman beasts who work for the international financiers, regardless of what religious or other label they apply to themselves; they are fighting against the murderers of children; against the racist murderers of Assyrians; against the enemies of humanity itself.

The terrorists have filmed themselves engaging in acts of cruelty and barbarity, including beheading opponents, shooting ordinary civilians for the crime of being Shi'ite rather than Sunni Muslims, and beheading people for being Christian (nuns actually have been beheaded in Syria, but unlike the lies against Germany in the Great War, this is never mentioned by the media). Youtube has removed videos showing the 'Syrian rebels' at work, to deny you the tax-payer the opportunity to see what you are paying for. Apparently the videos violate youtube's policy on violence! Of course, their removal is in line with keeping the anti-Syrian propaganda from being exposed as blatant lies. The following links did contain shocking videos which showed the execution (murder) of unarmed people (civilians and soldiers) by the FSA scum, and still contain important information:

In a desperate bid to launch an open war against Syria, due to the failure of the covert actions of the USA and her allies, the latest lie against Syria is that the government has ordered chemical attacks against its own people. Just think for one moment about what we are supposed to believe. The Syrian Army is winning the battle against the terrorist scourge. They are steadily liberating areas which the Israeli-Saudi-Turkish-ZOG forces have captured. The people are rallying ever more to support their government in gratitude for the heroic actions of the military. Even Israeli Air Force attacks (violating International Law and thus in themselves War Crimes) have failed. In the face of the collapse of the enemy on the ground, we are supposed to believe that the government has suddenly taken it upon itself to use chemical 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' against areas under scum control - killing around 1400 ordinary Syrians in the process. Why would the government - after years of fighting to liberate the nation - at the point that they are close to total victory, suddenly resort to WMDs, killing the ordinary people in the process? They wouldn't, and they haven't.

The chemical attacks in Mouadamiya, Damascus, were the work of the FSA. The US government and its toady sycophantic 'French' poodle, Hollande, seek to invade and destroy Syria, using a WMD attack of their own making as the excuse! This is an absolute outrage. 1400 people have been murdered in a single WMD attack, and now the murderers seek to use these victims (in addition to the 100,000+ others they are responsible for) as justification for capturing and destroying an entire nation. The likes of Hollande, Netanyahu, Obama et al who have engineered this, deserve nothing less than to be publicly executed for these very real Crimes Against Humanity which they seek to blame on the victims themselves.

The FSA are the stooges of the US-Israeli-Saudi-Turkish axis of evil. In March 2013 they attacked the province of Aleppo, killing dozens in a WMD attack. The US media tried to blame this on the Syrian Army and use the attack as justification for invasion. When the truth became known that the FSA carried out the attack, the attack was quietly dropped by the media and hasn't been mentioned since. Mouadamiya is simply Aleppo revisited, albeit on a larger scale.

Saudi Arabian terrorist, Abdola al-Jaledi, has taken to boasting on Twitter about the use of chemical weapons by his fellow filth. The Syrian Army captured antidotes to chemical weaponry on the 24th August, proving that the FSA not only have WMDs but are prepared to use them. The western media have ignored this direct evidence against the idolised FSA. In May, FSA terrorists used Sarin Nerve Gas - a war crime which has been confirmed by the United Nations. Again this real War Crime has been ignored by those who whitewash every atrocity carried out by the FSA, even to the point of blaming the victims for their own suffering.

Evidence of the Al Qaeda-FSA use of WMDs is detailed in the following links:

The hypocrites in the USA who bleat about WMDs do not consider for a moment that the only country ever to drop a nuclear bomb on civilians as a means of terrorising an already defeated nation into total submission, is... the USA. If we forget for one moment the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and accept the lie that the attack was to shorten the Second World War, rather than just to intimidate the world with a new weapon), then what about Vietnam? In the Vietnam War, the USA used Chemical Weapons to slaughter civilians and soldiers alike - in yet another war which the USA had no business getting involved in. In Europe, the terrorist fire-bombing of Hanover, Hamburg, Dresden et al was of no military value, other than as a means to terrify and slaughter civilians; yet the USA and UK honour those who committed those atrocities.

Perhaps it is possible to claim that the terrorist outrages of the USA above mentioned are from more brutal times, and that it is unfair to bring them into a discussion about Syria? Consider then, the use of depleted uranium and chemical weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places which have earned the attention of the butchers of the USA since the the infamous massacre in New York on the 11th September 2001; a massacre organised by the US government and blamed (of course) on those whose countries they sought to invade. In November 2004, the Iraqi city of Fallujah was subjected to horrendous WMD attacks by the USA; attacks which have repercussions to this very day with the births of deformed babies. White Phosphorous was used to create a modern fire-storm comparable with Dresden. 

The US government initially denied the use of the new version of Napalm, then went on to hide behind legal definitions of banned weapons - and completely ignored the use of poison gases which could not be argued away by legal technicalities. When is a WMD a WMD? When its use can be pinned on anyone except the USA!

The Al-Qaeda/FSA attack on Mouadamiya was supposed to provide the USA and UK with a pretext for war. In the UK, the government - clearly aware with the glaringly obvious parallels with the Iraq War of ten years ago - recalled parliament from the summer holiday in order to gain a vote in favour of war, which would legally legitimise the coming outrages. For the first time since the eighteenth century, the 'Mother of All Parliaments' voted against war! This was a truly glorious moment for the UK, with the democratic will of the people being respected and reflected by parliament. How this event came about is as yet unclear, but the result was a legally-binding commitment to not go to war against Syria. Of course, the Prime minister may still take the country to war, but if he does so now, it will be with the explicit condemnation of parliament.

The reaction of the so-called democratic government of the UK has betrayed their base nature. Rather than accept the will of the people (as is the democratic way) the twin-headed government has embarked upon a smear campaign against the opposition Labour Party. The leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has been described by the government as (and this is an exact quote) "a fucking cunt" and "a copper-bottomed shit." Nice! The Government office has stated of Milliband that "the French hate him now and he’s got no chance of building an alliance with the US Democratic Party."

Is being hated by the French government anything new or anything worth worrying about? The fact is that the overwhelming majority of the French people oppose war with Syria, and that it is the French government that the French people hate, not the MPs in the UK who have taken a stand in line with the beliefs of the French people as well as the British. As for this placing a UK party at odds with the USA- GOOD! It is high time the UK stopped being the poodle of the USA; it is only a shame that the treacherous Hollande now seeks to manœuvre France into position as the servile tool of the Diabolical Cesspit on the Potomac. The idea that the UK has lost prestige as a result of taking a sensible position and not riding gung ho into war, is ludicrous; that this nonsense should come from the Finance Minister, is telling indeed.

Not to be outdone by its Conservative Coalition partners, the head of the Liberal Democrats, Paddy Ashdown, has weighed in with a statement that he is 'ashamed to be British' as a result of the UK not going to war! Ashdown is actually Irish, but if he feels ashamed at being associated with the UK, then he can only now be feeling what the people of the UK have felt for years by being associated with a man like him. He is a serial adulterer, an egocentric internationalist servant of the EU, and a man who believes that his military career somehow means he must be respected by all and sundry. His mentality is that of the playground bully who demands respect due to being 'harder' than the other children. With any luck this Freemasonic murderer and butcher of the Balkans will feel so ashamed that he will depart to the USA without delay. With scum like this claiming the UK is wrong, we have proof that we are right!

Not to be defeated by common sense and decency, the Israeli Air Force has yet again attacked Syria. This time, they have used an æroplane painted with Syrian markings as a vehicle to deliver death. The IDF jet dropped incendiary bombs on a school, killing a number of children. Interestingly a BBC (MI6) reporter was on hand to capture the event. That this despicable action is being presented as an act of the legitimate and near-victorious Army against its own kin, indicates just how desperate the Zionist entity is to start an invasion. Israel must be really eager to get its hands on Syria and the Lebanon. Of course the paid scum of the BBC have reported this nonsense without questioning its veracity, or even why the details of where this atrocity occurred are not clear.

The destabilisation of the Muslim world impacts upon the ordinary people of the world, in ways in which it does not effect the rulers. Obviously those whose lands are directly bombed by the internationalist menace, are the most obvious victims, but they are not the only ones. We have to live alongside those who have been dislocated from their homelands by the wars our rulers have created. The refugees and economic migrants compete for resources with the common people; they do not compete with the rulers who remain aloof. Those who have swallowed the propaganda of the 'radicalisers' do not threaten the Establishment who live in secure gated communities; they can only do harm to the ordinary people who had nothing to do with the destruction of their homelands. It is the common people who are sent to fight for the finance-driven wars of the Establishment, and it is the ordinary people at home who suffer the repercussions from the immigrant communities. The rulers sacrifice nothing, and risk nothing.

The plan to get the UK into the Syrian war has been stalled but there will be further attempts. We must resist them, and do everything in our power to publicise the truth. No more wars for finance and globalist conquest. Let Syria - and indeed every nation - take care of its own affairs. Let the UK take care of its own - and only its own.

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