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Friday, 6 September 2013

Jim Carrey hating White Europeans with Neanderthal Lizard Jew Larry King

Jim Carrey on Barack Obama

On the Jew-controlled and heavily Jew-staffed propaganda poison outlet known as CNN, canadian Jim Carrey is being interviewed by a neanderthal lizard Jew by the name Larry King.

Jim Carrey hopes that:

“…the white part doesn’t screw it up, you know what I mean? Because we (white Europeans) tend to do that”
Reffering to the white European genes of Barrack Obama, which is received with typical evil Jewish snickering by Larry King (✡).

Neanderthal lizard Jew Larry King in his viscious hatred for white Europeans replies:


Jim Carrey seems happy in Jewish 
stolen occupied land of Palestine

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  1. I hope the White part destroys the monkey part. I hope the filthy Jewboy and his tribe, plus their low IQ animals kill each other by the million. This planet is white. I think we should consider ourselves world WHITE Nationalists. After all, we are the most inventive people here. We are the older of the sub-humans, we were left over from Atlantis, the most ancient and civilized culture ever known... Which way western man indeed.