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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jews to Release Holocaust Video Game

By Andrew Anglin

Your children must learn the truth from this video game: six million.

The shameless Jews, in their never-ending quest to force everyone in the world to feel sorry for them forever, are producing a video game based on the biggest lie in history: the Holocaust.

The probable Jew game producer, Luc Bernard, is attempting to get $125,000 from Indiegogo to fund the game, aptly titled Imagination Is The Only Escape.

Here he is explaining his diabolical plan to further indoctrinate our children with this emotionally-charged idiot hoax:

Here is the plot of the proposed game:
The story starts off before the Occupation of France by Nazi Germany. The player is introduced to the main character, a Jewish boy named Samuel who is playing with his friends, going to school, and living a normal life in Paris. However, when France is invaded by the Nazis, Samuel and his family are soon forced to wear the yellow star of David on their clothes.
The scene changes to the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup, the mass arrest of Jews in Paris that took place on July 16, 1942. During the chaos Samuel’s mother tells him to escape the city. She takes off his star so he can’t be recognized as a Jew, and gives him the address of a Catholic priest who can help him escape Paris and the occupied part of France. As Samuel escapes, his mother is spotted and killed as he is able to escape.
Samuel starts his journey to find the priest, sneaking his way through Paris. Samuel soon finds him, and is smuggled out to southern France. They arrive at a small village hidden in a forest, where the villagers are passing off Jewish children from all over France as Christian orphans, and soon Samuel meets a fox who tells him that if he helps her he will be able to see his mother again.

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