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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Jewish Marxist Bolshevik Communism versus National Socialism: The Reality

Written by John Hardon

Jewish Marxist Bolshevik Communism

In the face of the overwhelming take over of their lands by the parasite Jew (Communism) the German people as a whole (no class divisions) elected the one man that could stem this tide of evil, that man was Adolf Hitler. Hitler had the vision and the insight to foresee what was coming and acted accordingly. Almost the whole world turned against this great man who was trying to save our race from the annihilation that we see happening all around us now. You have to ask yourself why?

The answer is simple, we were duped by our lying politicians for Jewish Gold, Gold that the Rothschild's and their ilk stole off us in the first place. Yes politicians were bribed with YOUR money to destroy YOUR race. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it. But it's the truth, don't take my word for it, do your own research.

Read the articles on this Blog, written by far more cleverer people than me, forget what you have been told as most of it is lies. Just as the Syrian conflict is based on lies as is most of what you have had drummed into you from day one.

Watch this great documentary video that shows that what you have been taught is bullshit:

And remember the only way it can be this way is because YOU allow it. 

Also remember Adolf Hitler was fighting for YOU, your race, your kin. You lost, the Jew won and now you are seeing the results. Do you like multiculturalism? Do you like sharing a Bus or a Train with people that do not think, act or even smell like you? NO unless you are a traitor, or a lilly livered Liberal apologiser of course you don't. IT HAS BEEN FORCED UPON YOU, you did not choose it.

Our once proud Cities are becoming Cess pits of filth and depravity, our people are jobless and sometimes homeless, forced into shop-lifting, drugs and prostitution. Everyday our people are mugged and raped by the (Jew invited) alien that walks amongst us.

The enemy Jew has had it's way ever since 1945, look around you folks? Is this what our Fathers and Grandfathers died for? NO.

This is how happy the German people (our people were under National Socialism) An ordered society in tune with nature no alien cultures or religions, no shitskins in other words. But NO the it had to be destroyed to bring about the chaos we see all around us now.

And yes if this video (below) does not bring a tear to you eye for what could have been you do not deserve my time and input in trying to save you, you will die by the Creator's hand you worthless traitors to your race and ancestors.

John Hardon 14/88

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