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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jewish Anti-German Documentary Shows the Fanatic Glory and Heroism of the Waffen SS

Break free from the Big Lies of the eternal enemy Jew. 
The Jewish slime and filth will not always hide the truth.

For those who can see through the slimy Jewish cloud of lies, it is of worth to see the sacrifice and fanaticism of the German National Socialists who tried to rescue Europe from the death grip of International Jewry:

Video re-uploaded as the original link did not work. While watching this just remember that the 'Enemy' made this BBC film, it is in fact a propaganda piece to justify the Jewish declaration of war on our brothers in Germany. The German Waffen SS were fighting for our race, yes you, you are Germanic White man. Take note, this is what you are supposed to believe. In truth the Waffen SS were the bravest soldiers that the world has ever seen. And we (the so-called Allies) fought for the wrong side, we fought for the Enemy Jew.

Read between the lines and think for yourselves without the influence of the bullshit that you have been force fed all your lives. 

Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil. J.H.

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