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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Jew Peter Wolodarski: “We Must Massmurder Syrians with Aerial Bombardment and Kosher-Slaughter Assad”

Image: The hooknosed beast to the left is a vile creature known by the name Peter Wolodarski. This neanderthal-like caricature-looking Yid was appointed by the Jew bosses of ‘Dagens Nyheter’ to be the head-Jew of this Jewish propaganda outlet. Chief-Kike Wolodarski must make sure that the “slave goyy cattle” don’t get the idea of letting out any truth and thereby cleaning up any of the Jewish poison flowing from the Jew-media. Mona Sahlin, a vile Marxist-feminist race-traitor sits to the right of the eternal menace. Both have a blood-dripping hatred towards the Swedish people. – Peter Wolodarski incites for bombardment against Syria (Swedish)

Dagens Nyheter’s Jewish editor Peter Wolodaski is inciting for a U.S. bombing raid against Syria, like the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. According to Wolodarski it is “time for the world to listen” to those who advocate for an intervention.
…”The only thing remaining is that the U.S., EU and a coalition of neighboring countries ignore the locks of the UN and engage in a joint aerial bombardment against the regime’s facilities, which is reminiscent of how the world acted during the Kosovo war in the late 1990s.”
Jew Peter Wolodarski has spoken. Bomb Syria as soon as possible. Ignore the UN. Forget about international law. Then we call it a “humanitarian intervention”, just like after NATO’s illegal bombing of Serbia, which killed hundreds of civilians.

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