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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Jew-Media: “Fascism is Rising in Europe, Whites Must be Vaccinated Against Anti-Semitism”

Image: Enemy Jew Peter Wolodarski. This unfortunate creation of multi-generational Jewish incestual inbreeding was appointed head-Jew at the largest outlet of Jewish propaganda in Sweden, namely ‘Dagens Nyheter’. Proud Norwegian viking Varg Vikernes was ready to use mortal force in self-defence just by seeing a photo of this demonic enemy Jew. – Peter Wolodarski incites against nationalists (Swedish)
‘Dagens Nyheter’ wants to take up the fight against Swedish nationalism. In today’s lead editorial the newspaper writes that there is a “big and scary” pattern in Sweden and Europe: “anti-Semitism” and White nationalism.
“Right-wing extremism is on the rise in many parts of Europe”, writes DN and takes several countries as examples, including Sweden:
“During ‘Almedalsveckan’, this manifestation of democracy and dialogue, Swedish neo-Nazis demonstrated in the streets of Visby and openly threatened Mona Sahlin, one of the strongest Swedish voices against xenophobia”, fantasizes DN (if you want to know what really happened to Mona Sahlin, you can read HERE).
According to DN’s editor Peter Wolodarski Europe should be “vaccinated” against “anti-Semitism” and “fascistic hatred”, apparently something that his newspaper want to help achieve.

DN writes that “anti-Semitism” is “symptomatic for Europe”, as Europeans suffer from an incurable disease because they rise up against the oppression of the Jews’.

Another Jew who wants to “immunize” Europe against “anti-Semitism” is Barbara Spectre. Her method is to exterminate Europe and Europeans by total mass immigration and multiculturalism.

This process is and will be led by Jews, she says:

Barbara Spectre : Leading Jewish Role in Multiculturalism 


  1. Don't get angry over these articles. Juden desease is on the rise, they control all media channels, we only have low readership blogs and small numbers of angry readers. Something more real needs to happen. Any ideas?


  2. Immunised against self respect.

    The natural reaction of any self respecting person once aware, is to ask the deceiver to Fuck Off...

    That's all 'anti-Semitism' is...... awareness that the jew lies and is a confidence trickster by nature.

  3. Please calm down: We are civilized homo sapiens not Slakhtals--I advocate their strict isolation from humanity and not their total extermination-- this half-way measure seems fair to me. The introduction of the Maleski Convention may well prove to be a useful starting point, in undermining Slakhtal control over the 'democratic' media.