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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jew Kerry Meets with French Jew Laurent Fabius, Both Agree Assad is the New Hitler

By Andrew Anglin

Two Jews in a pod: ‘American’ Secretary of State John Kerry and ‘French’ Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius meet and decide the fate of their host nations.

The disgusting Jew John Kerry is on a four day trip through Europe to order the people of this continent to acquiesce to the demands of his racial brethren and begin bombing Syria immediately.

Yesterday he met with his “French counterpart” – Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, a sickening, hate-filled Jew, who also happens to be hell bent on mass-murder in Syria.

Witness as these two alien Jews stand together and claim to represent the US and France as they plot to use the military might of their host nations to destroy their tribal enemies.

The BBC reported the following about the meeting of the two Jews:
Repeating a phrase he used earlier in the week, Mr Kerry said the international community was facing a “Munich moment” – a reference to the policy of appeasement that failed to stop Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
“We in the United States know, and our French partners know, that this is not the time to be silent spectators to slaughter,” he said.
“This is the time to pursue a targeted and limited but clear and effective response that holds dictators like Bashar Assad responsible for the atrocities which they commit.”
“There are a number of countries, in the double digits, who are prepared to take military action,” Mr Kerry said.
This was more countries than could actually be used “in the kind of military action being contemplated”, he added.
It makes perfect sense: Assad is the new Hitler. If we try and appease him by not blowing up his country, he is going to start annexing parts of Europe in preparation for a diabolical invasion of Poland.

We simply cannot stand by silently after, in the process of defending his country from an invasion force funded by the US and Israel – an invasion force responsible for the deaths of at least 100,000 of his people – Adolf Assad gassed 1,400 innocents for no reason at all. This type of spectator behavior is exactly what led to the lampshades and soap of WWII.

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