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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Israelis hysterically claim Iran "already has a nuclear bomb" & more war-mongering from AIPAC

Israel and the organized international Jewish community have been screaming for years now about the alleged "threat" Iran poses to Israel specifically and the entire world generally, along with Iran's supposed attempts at acquiring or developing a nuclear weapon. 

For decades now, Israel and Jewish propagandists have been insisting Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, which could either be used by the Iranians against Israel or other Middle Eastern adversaries, destabilizing the region in the process. Or, they argue, Iran could easily pass it's alleged nuclear weapons to any number of "terrorist groups" it supposedly works with or controls.

Of course, objective analysts recognize the absurd propaganda stunts coming from Israel and her partisans for what they actually are: an attempt to drag the West into yet another war on Israel's behalf. Just as the Iranian government is making progress with the international community, including the United States, regarding it's alleged "nuclear weapons" program.

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  1. With Mossad's well known insertion into most countries, it is pathetic to have these evil war-mongers and gangsters claim this. They know that most countries do not have these capabilities, and those that do, are under the greasy, blood-stained thumb of Juden.