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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Israeli Teens Frolic With Strippers After Auschwitz Visit (1999)

Speaking at the Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets, David Harris of the AJC [American Jewish Committee] waxed eloquent on the "profound impact" pilgrimages to Nazi death camps have on Jewish youth. The Forward took note of an episode particularly fraught with pathos. Under the headline "Israeli Teens Frolic With Strippers After Auschwitz Visit," the newspaper explained that, according to experts, the kibbutz students "hired strippers to release the troubling emotions raised by the trip."

These same torments apparently racked Jewish students on a US Holocaust Memorial Museum field trip who, according to the Forward, "were running around and having a wonderful time and feeling each other up or whatever." Who can doubt the wisdom of the Holocaust industry's decision to earmark compensation monies for Holocaust education rather than "fritter away the funds" (Nahum Goldmann) on survivors of Nazi death camps?

Bindenagel, Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Asset, 146. Michael Arnold, "Israeli Teens Frolic With Strippers After Auschwitz Visit," in Forward (26 November 1999). Manhattan Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney proudly informed the House Banking Committee of a bill she introduced, the Holocaust Education Act, which 
"will provide grants through the Department of Education to Holocaust organizations for teacher training, and provide materials to schools and communities that increase Holocaust education."
Representing a city with a public school system notoriously lacking basic teachers and textbooks, Maloney might have set different priorities for scarce Department of Education funds. (Hearing before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services, House of Representatives, 9 February 2000).

Zweig, German Reparations and the Jewish World, Goldmann was founder of the World Jewish Congress and the first president of the Claims Conference.

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  1. The supreme brain of the Juden seems to be proven correct, when you consider the ease with which they continue their world-wide income tax scam. When will somone produce a matching version for a mass legal action against the Jewish Communists?